Inspiring Digital transformation: Latin Trade participates in the Copernion Global initiative and its Tech Pioneers award in Barcelona which recognizes outstanding leaders of tech firms.

Author:Ramirez, David

There is no dispute about the importance of Digital Transformation (DT), but the term continues to sow doubt in executives' minds in many companies --mainly in traditional sectors of the economy--that still do not know what to do or how to become digitally transformed.

In this context, initiatives like that of Copernion Global take on importance because they aim to disseminate knowledge of DT and reward the achievements of those who are leading innovation in every sector of the economy, from sports to haute cuisine, and in different regions of the planet.

One good way to expand knowledge is through discussion among leaders, from both technology firms and traditional sectors, about their experiences and opportunities with DT. "The idea is that the leader of a milk production company hears from a sports leader, so that he is inspired, or even learns from his mistakes," Juan Manuel Barrionuevo, executive president of Copernion, told Latin Trade.

Barrionuevo also believes it is important to create links among executives of companies that are in the process of implementing their DT plans and the disruptive startups as another way of expanding knowledge of the digital culture.

It's equally valuable to recognize the efforts and achievements of those who contribute to DT from different situations -be...

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