Insights from 2015 U.S. firearms production.

Author:Moldae, Jade

Welcome to the data-packed July issue of Shooting Industry. This edition is an annual favorite for us because producing the "U.S. Firearms Industry Today" report provides us with the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate how the firearms segment of the industry has changed year to year. The cornerstone of this exclusive feature is based on ATF's 2015 Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Export report, the latest data available. A closer look at this report uncovers numerous trends, such as handgun production categorized by caliber, shifts in export totals and the top 25 U.S. firearm manufacturers.

Because there is so much data included in this annual report (see pp. 24-33), we thought it might be interesting to go deeper into some of the trends we observed--focusing on the top 25 U.S. firearms manufacturers. Let's dive in.

This year's list of top 25 U.S. firearm manufacturers featured four fresh arrivals that did not appear in 2014: The Southern Die Casting Corp. (No. 17), Kemlab (No. 20), Century Arms Inc. (No. 21) and Jimenez Arms (No. 25). The Southern Die Casting Corp. and Kemlab are first-time entrants, while Century Arms and Jimenez were last included in the top 25 in 2009 and 2013, respectively.

Several companies posted impressive year-over-year growth from 2014. WM. C. Anderson Inc. (No. 8) manufactured 300,390 rifles in 2015, a 70.5 percent climb over 2014 (176,231). Century Arms Inc. generated an increase of 86.3 percent (from 36,373 to 67,780). Handgun manufacturers Heritage Mfg. Inc. (No. 10) and SCCY Industries (No. 16) achieved considerable success as well, growing 91.8 (from 85,464 to 169,933) and 69.4 percent (69,049 to 116,998) respectively. Worth noting, all of SCCY's 116,998 pistols were chambered in 9mm, while 99.1 percent of Heritage's revolvers (162,525) were in .22 LR.

While overall pistol production may have decreased (-2.1%) from 2014, the...

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