INSIDER THREATS PUT DATA AT RISK: Human error is behind most data breaches, research says.

Author:Steffee, S.

Three-fourths of IT professionals say employees at their organizations have intentionally put data at risk in the last 12 months, according to research conducted by Opinion Matters for Egress, a data security solutions company.

Additionally, 78% say employees have accidentally done so. These insider threats pose a significant security risk to organizations, Egress reports.

The Insider Data Breach Survey 2020 polled more than 500 IT leaders and 5,000 employees at companies with more than 100 employees in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, the U.K., and U.S. It found that 41% of employees who have accidentally leaked information did so because of phishing emails. Nearly one-third caused a breach by sending an email to the wrong person, and almost half have received an email recalling information sent in error.

Egress CEO Tony Pepper explains that organizations and their security teams weigh the advantages of efficient communications against data security considerations. "Frequently they compromise on the latter," he says.

Employee misconceptions about data ownership...

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