Alaska will bring its oil and gas leasing processes into the 21st century under new regulations that allow for online lease applications, bids, and lease payments. Currently, those bidding on the rights to explore, develop, and produce oil and gas on Alaska state land must submit bids on paper in submissions matched with a bid deposit, sealed by the bidder, delivered to the Division, and opened in public, in a system that is virtually unchanged since Statehood.

Online bidding will increase security and reduce time and expense, as bidders will no longer have to prepare paper bids, obtain certified checks for bid deposits, and ensure delivery to the Division office in Anchorage.

Workspace Alaska

In December, Wasilla's first coworking office space opened on East Paulson Avenue. Owner Amber Lanphier's goal is to create inspiring workspaces at an affordable rate for creative and service-based professionals. This initial space is 900 square feet featuring natural light and "beautiful, contemporary, and versatile furnishings," in addition to other modern conveniences.

Gondwana Ecotours

Gondwana Ecotours and local partners Fred b Janet Vreeman purchased the 8,600-square-foot Alaska Grizzly Lodge in Fairbanks. The new owners plan to renovate all the rooms, add ramps and lifts, and expand the Northern Lights viewing area. Alaska Grizzly Lodge features fourteen rooms with access to private or shared aurora viewing decks. Trails for snowshoeing, hiking, or skiing are easily accessed from the lodge and Gondwana Ecotours plans to expand on-site activity options for tour groups.


The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) Board approved a dividend of $14,475,000 to the state general fund for Fiscal Year 2021. The Board determines the amount of AIDEA's annual dividend that is made available to the Legislature for appropriation. Alaska Statute provides a range for the dividend calculation, and the Board chose to pay the FY2021 dividend at the maximum amount.

Since the dividend program's inception, AIDEA has declared more than $422 million to the state, including the $14,475 million approved for FY2021.


The 18 billionth barrel of Alaska North Slope crude started down the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) from Pump Station 1 in Prudhoe Bay at 8 a.m., December 6, 2019.

"This marks another significant operational milestone for TAPS, for Alaska and Alaskans, for...

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