Innovation seen as key to Mori Seiki's plans.

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Dr. Masahiko Mori, president of Mori Seiki, dedicated a new 9,000-sq-ft facility located in Rolling Meadows, IL and known as Mori Seiki University (MSU). Dr. Mori states that through its establishment, MSU will be there to develop the skilled machine tool tradesmen it needs as employees and as customers.

Initial courses are offered to Mori Seiki employees and distributors, ensuring those representing the company have the knowledge base to match the developing technology. Courses will be offered with a scientific approach to providing education on topics ranging from nuances of newly developed machine technologies to theories on lean manufacturing.

In the future, Mori Seiki will explore the potential to develop training courses for customers and others within the industry. The company says it hopes to offer general training--to companies outside itself and its customer base--within the next two year. In announcing the launch of the university, Tom Dillon, president of Mori Seiki U.S.A. Inc., said the company is planning to earmark 2 percent of the $350 million a year it sees in sales--about $7 million--to the Mori Seiki University operations.

Rod Jones, a manufacturing consultant with over 30 years of experience, will oversee the actions of MSU as its chief learning officer. As far as the future of what Mori Seiki is bringing to the manufacturing arena, especially with the opening of MSU, Jones says: "MSU is really all about developing human potential and I just really see the passion in Dr. Mori's eyes when he talks about the fact that the next big revolution that we're in for is the development of human potential that is just going to multiple as we're seeing today with the innovative machines Mori has brought to market."

Cooperating in the guidance of the development of MSU will also be Marlow Knabach, vice president of Mori Seiki University. Knabach has more than 17 years of experience at Mori Seiki, and most recently served as vice president of marketing. "The establishment of Mori Seiki University represents a unique effort, unlike anything that has preceded it," Knabach says. "In recent years, the evolution of machine technology has accelerated in incredible ways. This change in the market has dramatically altered the way businesses must operate. Through the university, we will...

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