Innovation OF THE MONTH.

Author:Mateos, Evelyn

In 2019, Reuters created its own deepfake ("a form of synthetically-generated media") video in hopes of learning how to better spot them in the real world. The video was only shared and studied within the organization, but as a result of this newsroom experiment, Reuters chose to partner with the Facebook Journalism Project to create an e-learning course designed "to help (other) newsrooms around the world spot deepfakes and manipulated media."

The course, titled "Identifying and Tackling Manipulated Media," launched in December 2019 in English, French, Spanish and Arabic, with more languages to follow this year. It includes "real world examples, hypothetical cases and insights into the evolving technology used to create and detect manipulated media" throughout the course's three chapters: Manipulated Media, Identifying Deepfakes and Tackling Manipulated Media.

"Organizations around the world are...

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