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Author:Mateos, Evelyn
Position:The A section - Brief article

When Hamburger Abendblatt, a daily newspaper in Hamburg, Germany, and the nonprofit investigative newsroom Correctiv decided to uncover who was investing in property across German cities, they realized they couldn't access the data. That's because of a German land registry law, which doesn't allow property ownership records to be publicly accessed.

To get the story, it decided to use its crowdsourcing platform, CrowdNewsroom, "a reporting platform Correctiv developed to use the power of its readership to assemble non-public data sets," according to loseph Lichterman of the Lenfest Institute, who spoke to Correctiv publisher David Schraven about the project.

CrowdNewsroom enables readers to contribute to investigations by uploading their data through a legal process. In order to get the word out, Correctiv partners with local newsrooms, and in turn, these newsrooms report on stories based on the data. The Lenfest Institute article stated more than 4,000 people have...

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