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Position:The A section - Sam Ligon's serialized novel "Miller Cane: A True and Exact History" in Spokane Inlander - Brief article - Interview

It was over a few drinks that Jacob Fries, editor of the Spokane (Wash.) Inlander, and novelist Sam Ligon decided to embark on a "weird and ambitious" project together.

"Something that captured the value of print to readers," Fries said.

The result was "Miller Cane: A True and Exact History," an original serialized novel written by Ligon and published first in the Inlander. The story is about "a fraudulent historian who makes his living conning the survivors of mass shootings (who) returns home to save the young daughter of the woman he loves, taking her with him on his roadshow across the worn-out heart of America, staying one step ahead of what's after them," according to the website (millercane.inlander. com).

The book is published in weekly installments in the paper every Thursday. The first two parts appeared on Sept. 13,2018 and the novel will end approximately 52 weeks later, said Fries.

"Everything debuts first in print, then six days later online and a week later on the radio," he...

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