Innovation Labs Struggle with Funding.

Innovation labs aren't easy to run. San Francisco's 2016 effort, a collaboration of local non-profits, several universities, and the federal government, was shut down within a year. But the problem wasn't that government officials don't want to innovate, according to "Innovation labs take a gamble to improve city government," an article from State Scoop at Scoop News Group. It suggests that the real issue is that governments are designed to guarantee continuity, so accommodating innovation is a struggle that can easily become entangled with bureaucracy, which may struggle "to implement their projects efficiently and attract steady funding."

"Funding is the critical problem for these innovation labs," the article emphasizes.

Even so, there are 20 civic innovation labs in the United States, launched to help government access cutting-edge technology and research, according to the article. "Cities have become aware of their need to catch up with a private sector that is racing ahead with innovations, they say, and the...

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