Innovation in Corrections award 2017.

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At the 126th Congress of Correction in Nashville, Tenn., ACA established an exciting honor, the Innovation in Corrections Award, to be given to a deserving program serving adult or juvenile offenders. The purpose of this award is to broaden the knowledge of successful program interventions throughout ACA and to annually recognize an outstanding correctional program.

Nominations must be received at ACA's headquarters by June 1, 2016. Nominees must address each criterion in full, and the awardee must satisfactorily document compliance with each criterion. Nominations must include an endorsement signature by the chief executive officer or governing body. ACA members may nominate programs. Please provide your membership number below.

Entry Rules:

Entries should include the following information:

* The nomination form;

* A summary addressing each award criterion, not to exceed three single-spaced pages. (Please remember to submit only three pages--this rule will be strictly enforced. Since the Awards Committee will be looking for superior performance in the criteria noted on the entry forms, it will help your case to organize the presentation around those criteria.)',

* One set of relevant supporting documentation; and

* Eligibility screening sheet

Award Criteria:

Each program nominated for the Innovation in Corrections Award must demonstrate compliance with the following:

* The program must have a clear and specific purpose, stated in a formal mission statement.

* The program must have specific and measurable goals and objectives.

* The program must be currently operating and have met its stated objectives for at least two consecutive years.

* Outcome measures must show a high rate of completion and/or sustained success.

* The program must be effective and creative in addressing a specific offender problem or need and be consistent with ACA policies and principles.

* The program must be replicable in other jurisdictions.

Eligibility Requirements:

Any program serving adult or juvenile offenders that can demonstrate success in operations in one or more of the following areas:

* Reducing the offender rate of return;

* Increasing the offenders' educational levels;

* Increasing the marketability for employment of offenders once released;

* Increasing the cognitive and life skills of offenders; or

* Integrating the family into treatment.

Note: In order to determine whether your program is eligible, please complete an "Eligibility Screening Sheet (Attached), " and include a copy with your nomination package. This screening sheet must be included in order to make the nomination complete.

2017 Innovation in Corrections Award Nomination Form

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