Innovate or die.

Author:Hardy, Darren
Position::Publisher's letter

Innovate or die? I know that sounds dramatic. And while you might not physically die, your greater hopes and dreams and your chances to accomplish your big goals will Innovation has always separated leaders from followers, those who succeed and those who just get by. Innovation is what creates progress, and progress is what advances companies and people beyond the competitive herd of the masses, average and the status quo.


There was a time when innovation seemed to come from the minds of a select few and "special" people, like Franklin, Einstein, Edison, Gutenberg, the Wright brothers. Today, with the speed of progress and the competitive global marketplace, just to keep up, every single person in every position needs to be an innovator, or risk being permanently sidelined.

So what is innovation? Innovation is not a task, project or something you only do at an off-site meeting. Innovation is a constant mindset and perspective. It's a way of looking at the world. Instead of seeing what is, it is looking for what could be. Being an innovator is seeking the greater potential in every person, in every situation, process, experience and outcome. The fundamental desire of an innovator is to help, serve and solve.

So where do you start? Innovation doesn't come from a study of mechanics, systems, processes, technologies or strategies, as many might assume. Innovation comes from a study of people, how they live, what they want and what they need. Innovation is about constantly finding more ways to add value to the lives of other people.

Additionally, I will tell you innovation is not coming up...

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