Le Initiation Comite Panafricaniste Regional des Caraibes--CUBA.

AuthorNkrumah, Kwame

The Committee of Caribbean Regional Initiation of the Caribbean - CUBA, (NIC-PAFM) is a Political Coordination and Articulation Area formed by Afrodescendants of the Caribbean and Latin American Diaspora, whose purpose is to build an integration platform that allows an approach to the African reality and how to contribute to the unity of all Africans and the Diaspora in the world and in the continent itself.

Cuba joins this group, from the historical perspective, continuing with Pan-Africanist ideas promoted by Ernesto Guevara in the 1960s, after visits to the Congo, and Fidel Castro's commitment to fight for the recognition of Africa as a united continent. The desire to reconnect with our ancestors and the rescue of the African culture of the diaspora brings us closer to Panafricanism as a flag to reinterpret the new racist, sexist and capitalist expressions that today put Afro-descendants on the last scale of the Social pyramid.

After the visit of the Regional Coordinator of the NIC-PAFM Committee Felipe Noguera, we began to take the first steps to rescue Pan Africanist thinking, discovering the old readings and providing an update on the importance of this process in Cuba, to continue building spaces of alternatives, assuming participative and community roles. Articulated all this with spaces, groups and organizations that work on Afro-descendants, deriving in concrete actions that support the development of this process.

The general purpose wherein is to: create a space that promotes actions aimed at the recognition of Panafricanist thinking and its values in Cuba with three specific objectives to contextualize the Panafricanist philosophy with the national reality, emphasizing the Havanan communities; visualize the importance of the Unit of the African Diaspora, in front of the Neoliberal and capitalist...

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