ING--Latino employee resource group.


Felipe Munoz, Minneapolis Chair and Employee Benefits Trainer

How do you define the business case for employee resource groups to your organization?

I have heard our H.R. folks say that organizations with strong diversity management practices have proven to be more profitable. That doesn't surprise me at all. At ING U.S., our vision is to be America's Retirement Company. To do that, we really need to put the customers first, and that includes understanding all of our customers, including those of multicultural backgrounds. Our ERGs help the company do that.

When Hispanics tell you that they are too busy to join the Hispanic ERG, how do you respond?

Many of my ERG members work in a call center or an operations capacity, so our service standards may make it difficult at times to break away from their job. My response is basically: "I understand that it may be difficult to attend everything, but you should check it out because we may have brown bag lunches and after-work events that you might want to consider."

What is the best way to engage more senior level Hispanics into your Hispanic ERG efforts?

Creating a relationship with senior leaders--Hispanic and non-Hispanic--is important. Given the number of larger ING U.S. locations, how you do this can differ by site. Here in Minneapolis, Fabian Gonzalez, vice president of multicultural sales for ING U.S. Insurance Solutions, is our most senior Hispanic executive. While he travels a lot, we've developed a relationship with him, and he is very approachable and supportive.

How has your career benefitted from your involvement in the Hispanic ERG?

Working with the ERG has given me opportunities to attend a variety of great events. Some of these events included getting exposure to senior leaders of our organization. It has also allowed me to receive recognition and development opportunities such as career advice.

How does your Hispanic ERG help to groom the next generation of His panic ERG leaders?

As an ERG...

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