Infrastructure's Critical Role.

AuthorBrown, William A.

Transporters and logisticians know how crucial the nation's infrastructure --the collection of roads, bridges, ports, waterways, railroads, ship building/repair yards and airports--is to delivering high-quality service and meeting national security needs. In addition, these capabilities have both commercial and government operational complexities. Likewise, there are unique qualities of each! For instance, aside from the physical infrastructure, the "human factor," the workforce, is a critical element acting as the glue that operates the intermodal machine we have become accustomed to in America.

At NDTA, through our military and industry members, we remain committed to supporting not only the strength of day-to-day operations in commercial and organic logistics, but also our nation's ability to surge our industrial base writ large. Protecting our infrastructure, making it resilient to direct or "gray" attacks has become a daily responsibility of all involved. Our ability to sustain our forces at home and around the world will depend on our success as a nation in setting the course for the next several decades.

We live in a continuum somewhere between all-out conflict and peace. We are somewhere in the middle, but must be prepared for head-to-head conflict. We all need to be vigilant for policies and programmatic barriers to effective logistics support in a contested environment.

The August 2018 DTJ examines the challenges, progress and innovations made by the organizations that maintain, regulate and make use of US infrastructure. As a special...

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