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In addition to the member listings, the WorldBook offers information on all IABC services and products available -- where to find them, and how to use them. The purpose of this WorldBook is to help you make the most of your member services -- and get the most from your IABC dues!

To find what you are looking for, first start with the table of contents on pages 4 and 5. IABC's association leaders, award winners, accredited members, and information on your member services are listed (and arranged) alphabetically. If you don't find what you're seeking in the contents, go to the comprehensive cross index at the back of this book. And if you still can't find it, call world headquarters offices at (415) 433-3400 or fax (415) 362-8762.

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Yellow Page Advertisers Index (Display, see p. 71)

246 Fifth Design 82 Adams Research, Inc. 96 AdMaster, Inc. 73,76,78,85,86 Tim Andrews Photography 89 The Art Litho Company 92 Associated Release Service 91 Associated Press 89 Associates & William 83 Vivian Auslander

Communications 74 Baber & Associates 97 Bacon's Information, Inc. 74,85,92 Banta Publications Group 92 Batista Moon Studio 90 Baxter Ink 103 BCA Communication

Group, Inc. 92 Beach Associates 101 Benchmark Communications 79,86,101 Lawrence Bender & Associates 80 Blades & Associates 94 W.T. Blase & Associates 85 Blue Sky Communications 101 Blue Streak, A Communications

Company 79,86,96,99 Craig Burleigh Photography 89 Tom Burley Photography 89 Business Wire 89 The Cantor Concern 83 Capital Speakers, Inc. 96 CC Communications 74,103 Jann Church Partners 80 Ingbritt Christensen Design 80 Toby Clark Associates, Inc. 83 Coarc Video 76,77,78,100,101 Ralph Cohen 98 Color Film Corporation 101 Columbia Books, Inc. 83 Communication Exchange 88 Communications Plus 74 Consultoria de Communication

Global 75 Corporate Image 92 Gillian/Craig Associates 80 Creamer Dickson Basford 95 Crews Control Corporation 101 Joe Czop, Photographer 89 Jay Daniel Associates 90 DWJ Television 77,78,86,97,100,101 Electronic Type & Color 79 Ray Engle & Associates 80 Emerson Wadjowicz Studios 73,83 Stephen Farley Design 80,83 FDI Services 92 FPG International 98 Freeman Communications 83 Frontline Communications 84 Funk & Luetke 75,76,78,79,84,85,88,93,95,101 V3 Eric Futran Photography 90 The Third Annual Resource Yellow Pages is filled with more than 300 companies listed alphabetically by category to help you get right to the kinds of companies you're looking for, fast. Your fellow members have been designated as well. When you call these advertisers please mention that you saw them in the Resource Yellow Pages.

George Lithograph 93 John Gerstner 90,98 Gibbs & Soell, Inc. 75,78,85,88,96,101,103 Deborah Gordon Public

Relations 94 The Gotham Group 101 Ron Gould Studios 90 The Graphics Group 82,93 Greater Talent Network 96 The Haas Group 103 Diana Hall 103 Hameroff/Milenthal/Spence 87 L. Haney & Associates 75,85 Hausman Design 73 John S. Hightower 85 Lynn Hiller Design 83 Richard Hirneisen,

Photography 90 Hoffman Creative, Inc. 98 Gayle Holton Desing 84 James E. Hunt & Associates 79,84,86,87,96,98,99 Hunstman Graphic Design 84 Identity 77 Image Access 87 Impact Communications 87 Impression Makers 82,93 International Contact 99 Iverson Language Associates 82,84,99,101 Jacque Consulting Inc. 81 Jameson Communications

Group 76 J&J Consulting 94 Philip Johnson Associates 94 JP Communications 83 Kennedy Printing 93 Ketchum Public Relations 95 K.L. Publications 79 Anne Klein & Associates 76,79,86,95 John Kneapler Design 84 Kunigis Communications 103 Language Services

International 99 Lambert Communications 103 Lippincott & Margulies 77 Little & Company 81 The Lucaszewski Group 79,87 Michael J. London

& Associates 95 Marc Longwood Photography 90 M & A Publishing 80 Main Street Productions, Inc. 101 Marketing Works! 85 Margo MacInnes 103 Julie Ann McGovern 88,98,104 Janice McLemore Graphic

Design 81 Mary Fran McQuade 103 Medialink 79,89,97,100 Media Concepts Group 101 Media Distribution Services 92 Media One

Communications Ltd. 78.87,102 Media Strategy, Inc. 79,86,87,99,102 Medical Writer 76,88,104 Merrill Custom

Communications 73,84 Merrill Video 102 MG Productions 102 Rita Mhley & Associates 88 Micro Interactive 87 Lawrence Migdale

Photography 90 Miracom, Inc. 73,88 Modern Graphics, Inc. 93 Morris Communications 75 Morrow & Associates 73,88 National Photo Service 89 Page Imaging, Inc. 82,90,93 Page One Productions 88 Panebianco, Inc. 81 Ann Parker Creative

Services 75 PARTYLINE 86,88 Garret Patterson 98 PhotoBureau, Inc. 90 Pierpont Communications,

Inc. 95 Sam Pierson Photography 90,98 Print Wise 81 PR NEWS 88 Production Masters, Inc. 102 Profile Design 81 Publication Management,

Inc. 94 Purviance & Company 84 Quicksilver Photography 91 Rainbow Media 77,80,82,88,94 Bill Rase Productions 102 Readex, Inc. 97 The Repovich-Reynolds

Group 83

Roberta Resnick &

Associates 75

Restivo Communications

Group 75,78,86,94,95,96,100,102,104 V3 RMD & Associates 102 Robinson Lew Design 84 Jeff Rogers Photography 91 E.J. Sarraille Design Group 81 Semel/Kaye & Co., Inc. 76,94,95 Serey/Jones Publishers, Inc. 80 Sickles Photo-Reporting

Service 91,99


Publishing Co. 80 Simmons College 85 Shapiro Communications,

Inc. 77 Skutski & Associates 79,81,95,99 Sheila Sloan Public

Relations, Inc. 94,95 Sonoma Video Productions 102 Spectrum Communications 94 Spectrum Multilanguage

Communications 100 Staada & Koorey, Inc. 81 Stagevision, Inc. 73 Stephenson Productions 91 Stratton Publishing &

Marketing 93 Sullivan/Perkins 84 J. Craig Sweat Photography 91 Marilyn Taber Direct Mail 104 Target Vision, Inc. 78 Thislethwaite

Communications 75

Tommy Thompson,

Photographer 91 Tolland Marketing Group 73,76,77,82,83,85,88,89 TPC-The Publications

Company 76,80 Video Image Production 78 Video Monitoring Service

of America, Inc. 74 Videotransform, Inc. 102 Visible Ink, Incorporated 77,96 Visions West 102 VNR 1-Video Public Relations 78,86,100 Don Warfield Communications 91 Washington Independent

Productions 100 Wechsler & Partners 75,77,82,85 David Weintraub Photography 91 Wet Ink 104 Lou Williams & Associates 87,96,97 Lou Williams Seminars 98 Wordwarch-Corporate Writing

Consultants 104 Worldwide Television News 97,100 YAR Communications 100 Yonchenko Communications 78,85,100,103 ACCREDITATION

Becoming an Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) is an important step in your professional development. IABC's accreditation program measures your abilities and skills at a critical stage of career growth -- as you move from craft levels into communication management levels. A rigorous testing program identifies and recognizes the well-rounded communicator through written and oral examinations and a portfolio evaluation. "ABC" after your name is a mark of professional achievement and commitment. It demonstrates to fellow communicators, to employers, and, most important, to yourself, that you have attained the skill levels needed.

For more information on the accreditation program, call Rae Hamlin, ABC, (415) 433-3400, ext. 113, or fax (415) 362-8762.

Accredited Business Communicators

A. Kathleen Abel, ABC Jennifer Ailor, ABC Judy F. Alexander, ABC Elizabeth Allan, ABC Gray Allen, ABC Susan Allen, ABC Claudia S. Anderson, ABC Paul A. Anderson, ABC Valerie E. Arlette, ABC Andre L. Armstrong, ABC Linda C. Ashby, ABC Susan A. Ashe, ABC John N. Aspery, ABC Anne Bader, ABC Henry B. Bachrach, ABC Frederick Bagg, ABC Patricia Baird, ABC Roger Baker, ABC Richard B. Barger ABC Brenda J. Barnard, ABC Walter G. Beach, ABC Sandra J. Beatie, ABC Jean-Pierre Beaudry, ABC William C. Beaver, ABC James H. Beck, ABC...

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