Information searching & use of college libraries by subject specialists (college teachers) teaching in government colleges for elementary teachers at Bahawalpur Division, Bahawalpur.

Author:Bhatti, Rubina


Investigating information searching behavior of library users is important to analyze the effectiveness of library services. Users adopt different behavior in seeking their required information. Knowledge about user's behavior and their information needs helps the library professionals to organize their library and services that best match their patrons' needs. College libraries contribute a key role in research and teaching. The main objective of college library is to facilitate the information needs of college teachers and students by offering all relevant material that facilitate teachers in designing lectures and syllabus for the students. These offer materials that fulfill the information needs of college students in making different assignments related to their studies. Due to exponential growth in different sources of information and their use by information users have made it essential for libraries to design their services that best fulfill their user's needs. The Bahawalpur Division is rich in educational institutions. At Bahawalpur, the Government Elementary Colleges were originally established as teacher training School with the primary objective to train primary school teachers in teaching and learning. These institutions regarded as teachers training institutes in 1957. In 1971, these institutions got the status of Training College for elementary teachers. The instant study investigates the information search process by Subject Specialists (College Teachers) and their use of libraries.

Keyword: information needs, information searching behavior, elementary college teachers, Bahawalpur Division

Problem Statement & Significance of Study

Number of studies has been conducted to investigate the information search process by information users in higher education institutions and users related to particular field but in college sector, not much consideration has been given to explore the information search process adopted by college teachers. This study attempts to investigate the information searching by college teachers, their use of different library sources, their purpose of using college libraries and the problems they face during searching information from the libraries. The results of the study are helpful for library professionals working in college libraries to design their library services that best fulfill their patron's needs.

Objectives of the study

The purpose of this study is to achieve following objectives:

  1. To investigate the information needs of college teachers (Subject Specialists).

  2. To find out their purpose of using college library.

  3. To find out the material available in the library related to teaching needs.

  4. To explore the problems faced by college teachers (Subject Specialists) in using their college libraries?

    Research Methodology

    Study followed quantitative research method. Survey research strategy was adopted to collect data from the respondents. Questionnaire was designed after conducting comprehensive review of the literature. College lecturers (Subject Specialists) working in Elementary Colleges of Bahawalpur Division, Bahawalpur, were identified as population of the study. Seventy five (75) Subject Specialists working in five Elementary...

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