Ineffective Assistance of Counsel.


Byline: Derek Hawkins

WI Court of Appeals District I

Case Name: State of Wisconsin v. Travis D. Jones

Case No.: 2018AP129-CR

Officials: Kessler, P.J., Brennan and Brash, JJ.

Focus: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Travis D. Jones appeals from a judgment of conviction for one count of kidnapping and two counts of second-degree sexual assault with use of force. See WIS. STAT. 940.31(1)(a) and 940.225(2)(a) (2013-14). He also appeals from the denial of his postconviction motion. Jones argues that his trial counsel provided ineffective assistance by failing to assert that the sexual assault charges were multiplicitous and by failing to object to what Jones terms "the trial court's reliance upon impermissible factors at the sentencing hearing." (Capitalization omitted.) We reject his arguments and affirm.

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