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PO Box 28639, 5250 William Mills Street, Jacksonville, FL 32226

904-757-1170 *


Chris May, President and Chief Process Officer

904-757-1170 *

Larry Palmer, General Manager, Military Operations

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Portus is one of the premier container and heavy lift cargo terminal operators in the Southeastern United States and has been delivering portside solutions to customers for over 20 years. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Portus operates on the heaviest berth along the East Coast measuring 1800lbs. per sq.ft. Commodities handled include breakbulk, containers, project and heavy lift cargoes, and military. Portus has active operations for both military and commercial work in Jacksonville, Florida; Cape Canaveral, Florida; Port Everglades, Florida and soon to be operations along the Eastern seaboard.

Portus is especially proud of its continued support and work with the US Military. The management staff at Portus has over 100 years combined military experience, and leverages that experience to provide only the finest service to the US Military. Portus has been a leader in partnering with and developing various techniques and specialized equipment to maximize efficiencies when handling military cargo and equipment. Its Jacksonville, Florida location is the only stevedoring company in the area certified to handle both military munitions as well as commercial class "A" hazardous cargo.

Portus's key contracts include:

* Stevedoring and terminal services to the Caribbean and GTMO operations from 1995 to present.

* Stevedoring and terminal services for the US Marine Corps Maritime Prepositioning Program at Blount Island Command from 2004 to present and nowin Charleston, South Carolina

* Provide the US Navy Expeditionary Medical Support Command stevedoring and terminal services from 2004 to present

* Provided the US Navy Jacksonville FISC Center with warehousing, stevedoring, and terminal services in support of operation Haiti relief in 2010

* Stevedoring and terminal services for the US Army in Jacksonville, Florida from 2010 to present

* Stevedoring and terminal services for the US Army in Cape Canaveral, Florida from 2015 to present

Portus is committed to investing in its people, technology, equipment, and safety. This fosters an environment to promote continuous expansion of physical and intellectual capacity, as well as a clear understanding of operating in a safe workplace. For the third year in a row, Portus has been awarded the Safe Stevedore Award from its worker's comp carrier, American Equity Underwriters (AEU). Portus has also been SHARP (Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program) certified since 2013.

R & R Trucking

P0 Box 545, Duenweg, M0 64841

417-623-6885 * * @randrtruck

Phil Nelson, CEO

800-625-6885 *

Vonda Cooper, Vice President of Operations

800-625-6885 *

Steven L. Richardson, Manager of Government

800-625-6885 *

Gary McCandless, Director of Dromedary Services

800-625-6885 *

Billy Graham, Government Sales

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LTC Andy DesJardins, USA (Ret.), New Business Development

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Full service transportation for commercial and government in CONUS (48 states), Alaska, and Canadian Provinces. Specializing in truckload and dromedary (LTL) shipments of freight of all kinds; arms, ammunitions, explosives, radioactive materials and sensitive cargo. Affiliated companies also provide full service transportation; TNI (USA), INC. dba "AATCO" and NEI Transport, LLC.

R&R Trucking, Inc. was organized in April 1988 and in the years following has become a premiere transportation service provider specializing in Transportation Protective Services (TPS) of both truck load and dromedary shipments. Together our group, RRUK, NEIN and AADD, have become one of the largest providers of Transportation Protective Services in both the Department of Defense and commercial explosive markets. We also provide TPS to the Department of Energy and have been named the preferred provider of TPS services to foreign entities, moving goods in and out of the United States.

Our VISION is to be the safest, most dependable transporter of security sensitive hazardous materials in the nation. We will utilize our training and our core values to achieve our mission.

Our MISSION is to provide transportation services to our customers safely and efficiently by utilizing quality personnel and resources. Offer cost effective, environmentally friendly and problem solving solutions that assist our customers in achieving their objectives. To provide a fair return for our stakeholders and a rewarding work environment. Recognize and accept our responsibility to the communities we serve through personal involvement and support of community activities while trusting in the knowledge, wisdom and direction of divine guidance.


* Safety is our first priority. We will achieve this through training our drivers and employees to focus on driver compliance with all applicable government requirements.

* Integrity is required in every action. We shall conduct our business in a manner that is above reproach with the highest ethical standards. We commit ourselves to being honest with complete impartiality and with preferential treatment for none.

* Service is what we sell. It is our quality of service that will set us apart from our competition. We will proactively communicate with our customers and drivers so their expectations are fulfilled.

* Dignity and Respect for all. There is value in the diversity we experience every Day ... be it the values of a stranger, other employees, in matters of race or religion, everyone has value and this must be respected

Everything we do reflects our Vision--it is our Core Values that make our Mission Possible.

Raith Engineering & Manufacturing Co. W.LL

PO Box 22223, Safat, Kuwait 13083

+965 2296 9000 *

Jay S. Shetty, Deputy General Manager, Finance & Administration

+965 9979 8622 *

Raith A. Al-Hamad, Business Development

+965 2296 9097 *

Rajesh G. Shetty, Logistics Manager

+965 6677 1716 *

Dennis Cesar P. Caluban, Technical Support Engineer

+965 9721 1847 *

Raith Engineering & Mfg. Co. W.L.L. (Raith) has been a US Defense contractor since 1995, undertaking a wide range of contracting services and rental projects for the US Military, and has been the recipient of six Quality Awards from the Surface Deployment & Distribution Command (SDDC) and National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA). Raith is the current contractor for Stevedoring and Related Terminal Services (S&RTS) in Kuwait, Third Party Logistics (3PL) in Pakistan/Afghanistan, and Logistics Support Services--Deployment and Distribution Service Support (D2S2) in Kuwait and Bahrain.

Raith is also successful in promoting and selling oil and gas equipment and services for the exploration and production activities as well as refineries and petrochemical activities. This includes but is not limited to:

* Drilling Bits

* Wellheads

* Completion Equipment

* Coring Services

* Artificial Lift Equipment

* Steam Generators

* Oilfield Chemicals

* Environmental Cleanup Services

* Inspection Services

* Instrumentation Equipment Projects and Services

* Engineering & Plant Construction Services and Maintenance


1710 SAIC Drive, McLean, VA 22101 * @saicinc *

Linda Messano, Senior Vice President and General Manager

973-808-4731 *

Enrique G. De Jesus, Vice President for Strategic Development

813-830-6195 *

Virginia Pereira, Senior Director Capture Management

703-676-2102 *

Kenneth R. Wavering, Senior Director

618-779-3291 *

SAIC is a premier technology integrator providing full life cycle services and solutions in the technical, engineering, intelligence and enterprise information technology markets. SAIC is Redefining Ingenuity through its deep customer and domain knowledge to enable the delivery of systems engineering and integration offerings for large, complex projects. SAIC's approximately 15,000 employees are driven by integrity and mission focus to serve customers in the US federal government. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, SAIC has annual revenues of approximately $4.3 billion. For more information, visit

Innovative Applications of Technology and Expertise

SAIC designs, develops and sustains offerings that empower diplomatic missions, support warfighter requirements and advance technology implementations across the world. As a company that provides services to the US government, SAIC has a diverse portfolio of contracts, including supply chain management, hardware integration, software development and global network integration. The company's diversified contract base enables its employees to provide end-to-end capabilities and solutions across mission and enterprise lifecycles.

SAIC develops and sustains many of the core systems of the Air Mobility Command's (AMC) Consolidated Air Mobility Planning System (CAMPS) the Agile Development Program supporting Global Aircrew Scheduling and Dynamic Replanning, and the Military Surface Deployment & Distribution Command's (SDDC) Integrated Booking System (IBS). We are experts in transportation and supply logistics, information systems and movements throughout the globe.

We are...

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