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Your support ensures the viability of NDTA and, at the same time, sustains programs and events that are open to our general membership. We sincerely thank you for your confidence in, and commitment to, the National Defense Transportation Association.

Membership in NDTA appeals to distribution, logistics, transportation, travel, technology, and supply chain companies with recognized presence in international and domestic markets that serve the Defense Transportation System.

Chairman's Circle PLUS Membership is NDTA's highest level of corporate membership and appeals to major transportation, distribution, and travel companies with recognized presence in national and international markets. It is particularly well suited to companies with multiple operating units. It allows up to eight elements, subsidiaries, or brands to be included under the parent organization. The company gains additional exposure by having its corporate family identified and listed with color logo and text in the annual Defense Transportation Journal (DTJ) Almanac Issue.

Chairman's Circle Membership is comparable with the PLUS category above, except without the multiple operating units feature. It appeals to major transportation, distribution, and travel companies with recognized presence in national and international markets. The additional resources and personal involvement of our Chairman's Circle members allows us to provide greater committee support, sponsorship of technical and professional development seminars on a regular basis, and expanded coverage of our professional programs.

Sustaining Membership is appropriate for companies operating in two or more cities or geographic regions. Sustaining Members may have an established brand, but may want to expand networks, increase opportunities for military or government business, or be active in the national committee structure. Sustaining level membership and above is required to participate on NDTA functional committees.

Regional Patron Membership is reserved for the small company operating in a specific geographic area of the country. Regional Patrons may want to establish their service or brand as they grow, network with local industry leaders, or support regional activities.

In addition to exposure and involvement, all Corporate Members, regardless of membership level, can designate employees as individual members of NDTA. In this capacity, employees receive a complimentary subscription to the Defense Transportation Journal (DTJ), as well as hotel and car rental discounts from participating corporate members.

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1100 North Wood Dale Road, Wood Dale, IL 60191

630-227-2000 * * @aarcorp *

Don J. Wetekam, Senior VP, Government & Defense Business Development

405-623-3832 *

Randy J. Martinez, Corporate Vice President of Strategy and Business Development

630-401-7745 *

Steve Harrison, President, AAR Airlift Group


Lee Krantz, GM, AAR Mobility Systems

231-779-4833 *

AAR is a global aftermarket solutions company that employs more than 4,500 people in more than 20 countries. Nearly 20 percent of our employees are military veterans with a deep understanding of government and defense operations. We are committed to the very best in public private partnerships and rank among the top 100 defense contractors in the world. AAR is also recognized as a NATO Outstanding Component Repair provider.

Based in Wood Dale, Illinois, AAR supports commercial aviation and government customers through two operating segments: Aviation Services and Expeditionary Services. AAR's Aviation Services include inventory management; parts supply; OEM parts distribution; aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul; and component repair. AAR's Expeditionary Services include airlift operations; mobility systems; and command and control centers in support of military and humanitarian missions.

Additionally, we design and manufacture internal aircraft/helicopter containers, air mobility pallets, and rapidly deployable mobile shelters--both expandable and hardened. We also provide comprehensive supply chain management services to the US government and allied nations. Our programs provide total asset visibility and accountability for mission critical items. While often co-located on client sites, the programs utilize AAR's global network of warehouses.

AAR Airlift Group provides expeditionary airlift service to government and defense customers around the world with a fixed-wing and rotary wing fleet. We assist the US Department of Defense, UK Ministry of Defense and the UN with missions around the world, including in Afghanistan, Africa, the Falkland Islands, Western Pacific and Mediterranean Sea. These services can also be used to support disaster relief and humanitarian aid operations.

More information can be found at


Donald J. Wetekam

Senior VP, Government

& Defense Business



Randy J. Martinez

Corporate Vice President of Strategy and Business



Steven Harrison

President, AAR Airlift Group


Defense & Government Services

Agility Defense & Government Services

1725 Duke Street, Suite 450, Alexandria, VA 22314

703-417-6000 *

agility * www

MG Dan Mongeon, USA (Ret.), President & CEO, Agility DGS Holdings Inc.

703-417-6002 *

RDML Mark Young, SC, USN (Ret.), Senior Vice President, Strategy & Chief of Staff, Agility DGS

703-417-6013 *

COL Rich Brooks, USA (Ret.), President, Agility DGS Inc.

703-417-6012 *

Jim Cox, Vice President, Public Affairs & Marketing, Agility DGS

703-417-6050 *

David Poole, Managing Director, Agility DGS (Middle East & Africa)

+971 56 418 6179 *

Chris Murray, Vice President, Agility DGS Europe

+44 (0) 208 917 3142 *

Anne Bradley, Vice President, GRMS Operations

+44 844 282 1465 *

Agility Defense & Government Services (DGS), headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, is the public sector arm of Agility. It provides complete supply chain management, logistics services and commodity services to defense and government customers. With more than 20,000 employees located in more than 500 offices in 100 countries, Agility DGS and its parent company offer a vast network of global land, sea and air transportation capabilities, including warehousing and storage.

Agility DGS brings unmatched expertise and innovation to supply chain management providing 3PL/4PL services, project management, demand planning and logistics and procurement in support of defense and peacekeeping missions, government programs, and humanitarian and relief efforts.

Since 2008, Agility DGS has performed on more than 135 contracts and task orders for government, defense, NGO and private-sector customers in the Middle East, Europe, the United States, Africa, Caribbean and Asia-Pacific. It manages the world's largest single-source household goods contract on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence. Services include supply chain management, freight management, contingency logistics, disposal, deployment coordination, customs clearance, retrograde support, fuels management, heavy lift, life support services, warehousing and distribution, specialized procurement and more.

Product and Service Categories

* 3PL/4PL Services

* Freight Management

* Warehousing

* Distribution

* Customs Clearance

* Fuels Management

* Heavy Lift/Projects

* Household Goods

* Disposal

* Supply Chain Consulting

* Inventory Management

* Procurement

* Commodity Management

* Program Management

* Project Management

Industries & Customers

* Oil & Gas

* Pharmaceuticals

* Retail

* Manufacturing

* Consumer Goods

* Other Commercial

* Humanitarian Relief

* Public Sector

* International Institutions

* Peacekeeping Missions

Some of Agility DGS's Clients

* UK Ministry of Defence

* Royal Dutch Shell

* Port of Guam

* Guam Power Authority

* US Defense Energy Support Center

* UK Medical Research Council

* United Nations


MG Dan Mongeon, USA (Ret.)

President & CEO, Agility DGS Holdings Inc.


RDML Mark Young, SC, USN (Ret.)

Senior VP, Strategy & Chief of Staff, Agility DGS


COL Rich Brooks, USA (Ret.)

President, Agility DGS Inc.


Jim Cox

Vice President, Public Affairs & Marketing, Agility DGS

AIT Worldwide Logistics, Inc.

701 N. Rohlwing Road, Itasca, IL 60143

800-669-4248 *

Vaughn Moore, President and CEO

800-669-4248 *

Keith Tholan, Executive Vice President

888-818-6788 *

Greg Weigel, Vice President, Global Operations

800-669-4248 *

Bill Fallon, Vice President, Global and Government Strategic Accounts

800-433-7931 *

Ben Naro, Vice President, Sales

888-857-7704 *

Mike Rothacher, Vice President, Strategic Accounts

800-669-4248 *

Bill Freidel, Director, Life Sciences

800-734-2780 *

Bob McGhee, Director, Government and Aerospace Operations


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