Technology and Industrial Progress: The Foundations of Economic Progress.

Author:DeGregori, Thomas R.

This large tome on technology and industry contains more than 400 pages of text, 24 pages of references, and a 64-page index and covers a diverse range of material and topics from a variety of perspectives. The author focuses on technology and industrial processes from a "production first" emphasis. Along the way, von Tunzelman has chapters on technology and the history of thought from Smith to Keynes. The core analysis of industrial processes is laid out in a series of eight chapters on economic history and development from Britain during the Industrial Revolution to the Soviet Union, Japan, and the newly industrial countries (NICs). These chapters are structured with slight variations in a format of six categories: growth, technology, organization, management, finance, and government policies.

The text of Technology and Industrial Progress is heavy with taxonomies. The literature on technology was widely searched and read by von Tunzelman, and he seems to have extracted every taxonomic scheme that he could find and incorporated it into his narrative and uses it to introduce the analytical distinctions of other authors. It all makes for a useful survey of the literature, but the reader is so inundated with a plethora of taxonomies that little emerges that is unique to von Tunzelman. If he has any original ideas, they are cleverly buried in the text. Despite an obviously honest attempt at being...

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