Indomitable; The Life of Barbara Grier.

Author:Montgomery-Rodgers, Letitia
Position::Book review

Joanne Passet; INDOMITABLE; Bella Books (Nonfiction: Biography) 28.95 ISBN: 9781594934711

Byline: Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Always enthusiastic, often imperfect, Grier helped develop and sustain an industry, not just for herself, but for so many others.

Joanne Passet's Indomitable: The Life of Barbara Grier presents the life of LGBTQ publishing pioneer Barbara Grier in tandem with the development of the LGBTQ press itself. Passet's choice shows how much she understands the woman at the heart of Indomitable -- a bibliophile whose passion was her work and work her defining passion. Laid out in unflinching yet surprisingly compassionate prose, this biography portrays a woman who valued, more than anything, written representations of her community.

Grier brashly sought out both women and lesbian literature in the 1940s, a time when such activities were illegal. She soon realized her formative experiences as an out lesbian -- often so counter to the closeted women she would meet -- were unique. This realization led Grier to believe literary representation was a potent key to validation.

Always a voracious reader, in the 1950s she began collecting everything related to lesbian publishing that she could find, eventually amassing more than...

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