Indie Programming Guide.

Position:LA Screenings 2019


Jesus: His Life (factual series) (pictured) Each episode mixes scripted drama and documentary interviews with faith leaders and historians to offer the emotional story of Jesus's life and the men and women closest to him.

Celebrity Car Wars Season I (factual series) With the help of three mentors, six celebrities from across Asia face off in driving challenges, while also learning about the history and science behind cars.

Terremoto (factual series) Explores the events and effects of the devastating 2017 earthquake in Mexico with first-person coverage taken from mobile phones.

Paranormal Caught On Camera (factual series) Each episode showcases startling stories of paranormal phenomena, from unidentified flying objects to unexplainable sightings of the mysterious.

Miss Scarlet and the Duke (scripted series) Eliza Scarlet enlists The Duke to be her partner in operating her father's private detective agency and solve crimes in the murky underworld of London in the 1880s.


The General's Daughter (action drama series) Rhian Bonifacio is a military nurse, but she's also been trained as a spy by Tiago, the man who raised her, in order to exact revenge against his enemy, Marcial, her biological father.

Los Bastardos (family drama series) Don Roman sires five sons from five different women. Each son takes an independent path, yet the same blood binds them to each other.

Betrayal (romantic drama series) Destiny has given a second chance to Jacky and Lino, star-crossed lovers who find each other once again. But this time, the two must struggle to regain the love they had while in their own separate marriages.

Now & Forever (family drama series) (pictured) Eva has met Inno in an astral world, but when the two encounter each other in real life, a romantic love blossoms that will ask them to risk it all.

The Heiress (family drama series) Former lovers Romina and Carlos each have their own rags-to-riches tale to tell when they marry different partners. Romina weds business tycoon Robert, while Carlos marries Robert's daughter.


2019 20th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards (awards show) (pictured) The milestone awards show presents an international musical showcase for talent, diversity, and excellence from the Latin American music industry.

62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (awards show) The music industry's biggest names appear and perform for the prestigious music awards show that is broadcast in over 190 territories worldwide. buble! (music series) Singer-songwriter Michael Buble performs a medley of classic songs such as "Fly Me to the Moon" and "La Vie en Rose," along with several of his most popular tunes.

Top 20 Funniest (reality series) This variety show features viral videos, home videos, and news bloopers--all with added comedic commentary.

Elvis All-Star Tribute (variety show) The music industry's top superstars, including Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran, and Shawn Mendes, among others, commemorate the 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley's "Comeback Special."


Back to Life (drama series) Miri is released after a decade in prison with no job, no friends, and no place to go except back to her hometown, where no one will leave her past behind.

The Bad Seed (drama series) (pictured) Brothers Ford and Simon have recently reconciled after an estranged past. When their neighbor is...

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