Indie Programming Guide.

Position:L.A. Screenings 2018


Truck Night In America (factual series) (pictured)

Each episode features five truck owners who compete in a series of grueling challenges.

Forged In Fire (factual series)

Four contestants compete by building weapons such as Viking battle axes and Samurai swords.

Faces of Fatima (factual special)

A look at the town of Fatima, Portugal, which has one of the largest shrines to the Virgin Mary.

Live PD (factual series)

Viewers ride along with police departments across six different cities.

Oscar Pistorius (TV movie)

The true story of the Paralympic champion and his relationship to model Reeva Steenkamp.


Bagani (drama series) (pictured)

Five heroes from different tribes come together to fight an evil god who plans to conquer their lands.

The Blood Sisters (drama series)

A mysterious criminal case brings together three identical sisters who were separated at birth.

Asintado (drama series)

The family of Ana's lover tried to have her killed. She rebuilds her life and plans her revenge.

Sin Island (thriller)

After a husband learns that his wife was unfaithful, he decides to have his own extramarital affair.

My Perfect You (romantic comedy)

Burn and Abby journey to find the perfect love. Does it exist? Will they find it?


Kiri (drama series)

A trail of lies, blame, and guilt is left in the wake of the abduction and death of a young black girl.

Mystery Road (drama series) (pictured)

Detective Jay Swan goes to a remote Australian town when two young farmhands go missing.

Prince Harry's Story: Four Royal Weddings (factual)

The documentary portrays four recent royal events that have impacted British society.

Royal Wives of Windsor (factual)

The two-part doc looks at the lived experience of 100 years of Windsor women.

Whirlwind Wedding (format)

A groom-to-be is offered a wedding at no cost. But the wedding must happen in 12 hours.


Lodge 49 (dramedy series) (pictured)

A personable ex-surfer is trying to keep a positive outlook on life after the death of his father.

Dietland (dark comedy series)

Plum is a ghostwriter for a New York fashion magazine. While she struggles with self-image and acceptance, the news is abuzz with reports of men accused of sexual abuse.

This Close (dramedy series)

Two best friends grapple with a world that sees them first as people with disabilities instead of as human beings.

AMC Visionaries: James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction (documentary series)

Director and producer James Cameron explores the history of science fiction, featuring writers and stars that have helped to define the genre.

The Jonestown Massacre (documentary series)

The series reviews the unsolved mysteries of Jim Jones and his envisioned Utopia, Jonestown.


The Four (studio entertainment format)

The four finalists are announced in the first episode of this singing competition. New contestants will try to steal a spot from them.

The Surprise Teacher (factual entertainment format)

Celebrities surprise a classroom of high school students to offer once-in-a-lifetime lessons.

Rage Room (studio entertainment format)

Two contestants pitch their pet peeves and daily annoyances in the hope of entering the rage room.

Sunday League (scripted comedy series) (pictured)

Inexperienced football coach Selma Norris takes on a poorly organized team. If they don't start winning, the owner of the field the team practices on will turn the field into a beet plantation.

Eclipse (drama series)

Tortured by guilt after the death of her son, Anne-Sophie abandons her husband Bernard.


Lifeline (drama series) (pictured)

When Tahir's older brother brings him to Istanbul, he meets Nefes, who is being abused by her husband, Vedat. Nefes must escape in order to save her own life, as well as her son's.

Don't Leave Me (drama series)

A serendipitous romance takes place when Cansu sends her waitress Zeynep to meet Emre. Zeynep and Emre fall for each other immediately, which conflicts with Arzu's plans.

Love and Hate (drama series)

Ali is left passionless after a youth spent in prison. And Mavi believes she cannot love. When the two begin writing letters to each other, a love sparks.

Orphan Flowers (drama series)

Eyliil lives in an orphanage that is surrounded by the glamour of the rich. She hopes to recover...

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