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Roots (miniseries)

A portrait of American slavery, beginning with Kunta Kinte, a man captured and sold into slavery in The Gambia. Multiple generations carry on their legacy, despite immense trauma. (pictured)

SIX (miniseries)

Inspired by the mission of SEAL Team Six (famed for assassinating Osama bin Laden), the series depicts the high-stakes decision making of the decorated soldiers.

Barbarians Rising (docu-drama)

Tells the perspective of the barbarian rebel leaders, who were some of the fiercest warriors in history. Their tribes lived a violent existence, but fought against oppression.

60 Days In (format)

A group of innocent people go to prison undercover. For two months, the volunteer inmates live amongst the imprisoned, exposing the problems within the mass incarceration system.

Man Vs. Child: Chef Showdown (format)

A culinary competition that puts great chefs against kids with raw talent and endless imagination.



Mr. and Mrs. Hockey (drama/sports biography)

This Hallmark Channel movie narrates hockey legend Gordie Howe's triumphant return to the rink at the age of 44. (pictured)

The Girl From Felony Bay (crime/family series)

When Abbey and Bee Force notice that things around Felony Bay don't quite add up, they find their calling solving crime.

Fearless Hope (drama series)

Two worlds collide when an Amish woman befriends an "Englischer," and the pair struggles with their complicated backgrounds.

Strangers in Amish Country (drama series) An Amish man falls in love with a military nurse who saves his mother's life. The pair forms a deep attraction, despite the forbidden nature of their relationship.

Royal Family Vacation (family drama) Nothing goes as planned in the third installment of this family drama when the family goes to Cape Town for a royal wedding.


The Foodies (factual entertainment)

This docu-reality series joins food-obsessed people as they document their experiences in new restaurants, (pictured)

Date in Reverse (dating series)

Each week, two singles condense the dating process and start with the biggest milestones first, moving backward to see if they sense a spark.

Marry Me Now (factual entertainment)

Women in long-term relationships plan their own weddings without their partners knowing. On the third day of prep, the hopeful bride surprises her boyfriend with her wedding dress.

Wrecking Ball (studio game show)

Three contestants compete for a cash prize. They must answer nine difficult questions correctly before getting knocked off by giant wrecking balls at the studio.

Vertige (scripted drama)

A young woman awakes after three months in a coma after an alleged suicide attempt. She soon realizes that she can't trust anyone--not even her family.


The Girl Named Feriha (drama)

Feriha is a college student born into a poor family who attends a private university. When she catches the eye of a wealthy boy, she tries to hide her background (pictured)

Bitter Life (La Vida Amarga) (drama)

Set in the suburbs of Istanbul, Mehmet and Nermin are an impoverished couple deeply in love and struggling to escape their neighborhood.

Relationship Status: It's Complicated (drama)

An aspiring screenwriter falls in love with a handsome actor who is in love with someone else.

A Love Story (drama)

A romance blooms between Ceylan and her boyfriend Korkut, who battles depression but finds happiness and love from their relationship.


The Girl (series)

Based on a true story, a young girl re-enters society after fighting with guerillas.

On Another Level (entertainment)

Musicians perform in an elevator, where judges determine if they make it to the top.

Digging for Love (telenovela)

Two families try to unearth a giant golden statue buried in their garden.


Just Looking (Para Verte Mejor) (drama series/telenovela)

Five couples fall in love at different points in their lives. They meet (or are reunited) when they move into a building under surveillance by a dangerous criminal, (pictured)

The Sexth Sense (Sexo Sentido) (drama series)

Four couples decide to open their relationships, forging a modern (and drama-filled) path.

Hot Wire: End of...

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