Indie programming guide.

Position:L.A. SCREENINGS 2007


111 Grand Avenue, Suite 203

Palisades Park, NJ 07650

T: (201) 224-8000 F: (201) 947-4500

2007 56th Annual Miss Universe Pageant

Beautiful and talented women represent their countries in this competition 2007 8th Annual Latin Grammy Awards Celebration of Latin music pays tribute to the creative spirit and diversity of the genre

Real Football Factories: International

A hard-hitting insider's look at some of the world's most fierce football clubs

2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Fashion show featuring musical performances, interviews and model profiles

International Fight League

IFL Fight Night showcases five fights, while IFL Battlegrounds got event action, league news and in-depth looks at players


Virrey Loreto 2426

Buenos Aires, Argentina 1426

T: 54 11 4787 9098 F: 54 11 4787 9094

The Celestine Prophecy

Based on the bestseller by James Red field

Sweeney Todd

The demon barber of Fleet Street is brought to life

The Next Premonition

After accidentally killing a fortune teller in a car accident, a man has visions

Sword of Honour

Daniel Craig stars as a WWII British soldier torn between his military obligations and his ex-wife

Dark Corners

A troubled young woman falls asleep and wakes up as someone else--someone who is stalked by hideous creatures


Lima 1261

C1138 ACA Buenos Aires, Argentina

T: 54 11 4370 1234 F: 54 11 4370 1403

Mujeres de Nadie (Nobody's Women)

Three brave women at a public hospital face adversaries in their personal and professional lives

Mujeres Asesinas (Killer Women)

Depicts true stories of women who, either victimized by domestic abuse or induced by lovers, greed or ambition, were pushed into murder

Son de Fierro (The Fierro Family)

Telenovela about butcher Martin Fierro and his wife, a teacher who abandoned her career to look after their son, who is blind

Fiscales (Prosecutors)

Miniseries checks in on district attorneys from their arrival at the crime scene until the final verdict is read


2032 Armacost Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90025

T: (310) 442-6630 F: (310) 442-8235

Beyond the List (a.k.a. The List)

Party behind the velvet ropes at invite-only shindigs

Bikini Destinations

Bikini models travel to exotic locales for dramatic photo shoots

Oh, No! It's Kato!

Kato Kaelin brings his sharp tongue to hotspots around the globe

Adventures of Hawaiian Tropic Girls

Swimsuit beauties step into a world of adventure

Billabong's J Bay: The Pure Line

Reality series about a surfer's paradise as seen through the eyes of surfer Kelly Slater


7321 NW 75th Street

Miami, FL 33166

T: (305) 960-2018 F: (305) 960-2017

Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso

Telenovela about a small town girl who dreams of getting breast implants but finds she must trade sexual favors for them

El Ventilador

A story of drugs, love, corruption and political influence

Las Profesionales

When the owner of Angels, a firm that trains young women to work as housekeepers, nurses and nannies, is murdered, his wife sets out to find his killer

Nadie es Eterno

A story about love and deception

Tu Voz Estereo

A tale of opening up to the mic and being ready to listen and be heard


12001 Ventura Place, 6th Floor

Studio City, CA 91604

T: (818) 299-9600 F: (818) 299-9650

The Scholar

Ten high-schoolers compete for a full ride to the college of their choice

That '70s Show

Comedy follows a group of teens coming of age in the era of bell-bottoms

3rd Rock From the Sun

Four aliens pose as a normal American family as they adapt to human life

Grounded For Life

After marrying his high-school sweetheart, Scan Finnerty finds himself, at age 32, in a constant struggle to be responsible

The Cosby Show

Bill Cosby's groundbreaking '80s sitcom about a husband and wife who handle five kids with flair


18 Dupont Street

Toronto, Ontario M5R 1V2 Canada

T: (416) 964-8750 F: (416) 964-1980

Frankenstein's Cat

Animated comedy about a cat named Nine--because that's how many other cats it took to make him! Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs Animated series about a little boy with a vivid imagination whose closest friends are his dinosaurs

Erky Perky

Animated tale of dimwitted bugs transported from a hotdog stand to a sterile kitchen empty of food ... but full of other hungry bugs

Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks

Preschool series that reflects the way kids play and learn by showing monster trucks growing up in Crushington Park

Beautiful Dreamer

Feature film about a love so strong it survived a world at war


4100 W. Alameda Avenue

Burbank, CA 91505

T: (818) 955-5400 F: (818) 955-5696

Sushi Pack

Animated series about five crime-fighting pieces of sushi that protect Bento Bay from diabolical villains

I Was a High School Dinosaur

When five teens gain the power to transform into dinosaurs, they must learn to protect Earth from an evil anthropomorphic velociraptor


Featuring CGI and traditional animation, this series is set in a stable where kids and their horses compete and share adventures

Dance Revolution

Dance competition series inspired by hit video-game franchise "Dance Dance Revolution"


A live-action show about a 13-year-old girl who hosts a cable access show with her two best friends


Alicia Moreau de Justo 1960 1 103

Buenos Aires, C1107 Argentina

T: 5411 5199 7970 F: 5411 5256 6434/5


When a womanizer named Lalo messes with the wrong lady, she casts a spell that turns him into a woman named Lola You Are the One (Sos Mi Vida) A beautiful boxer named Esperanza is forced to quit her job to support her good-for-nothing beau. But sparks fly when she meets her new boss

The Shelter (El Refagio)

Five teens are drawn to an abandoned theater where they meet a once-famous music professor who lives there Juanita is Single (Juanita, la Soltera) Juanita dreams of finding Mr. Right. But when her cousins learn they stand to inherit millions of dollars if they are all married and have a child within one year, they hire a...

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