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Position:L.A. SCREENINGS 2006



14242 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 202

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

T: (818) 907-8700 F: (818) 907-8719

Good Girl Bad Girl

Drama feature about a stripper chased by drug dealers who takes refuge with her sister, a nun; together they must evade the criminals

Savage Planet

Sci-fi feature set in 2048 about a team of scientists who venture to a new planet in search of a plant that will save life on Earth

Accidental Witness

Suspense drama feature about a woman who unknowingly witnesses a murder and is persecuted by the killers

Trick or Treat

Adventure-fantasy feature about four teens and the kid they are babysitting who discover a real haunted house on Halloween

Dirty Deeds

Comedy feature about a high school Friday night on which ten outrageous challenges must be completed


111 Grand Avenue, Ste. 203

Palisades Park, NJ 07650

T: (201) 224-8000 F: (201) 947-4500

2006 55th Annual Miss Universe Pageant

Awards competition that sees beautiful and talented women represent their countries in hopes of becoming Miss Universe

2006 7th Annual Latin Grammy Awards

Awards show ceremony that celebrates the diversity of Latin music and Hispanic celebrities

Pope John Paul II

Biographical miniseries starring, respectively, Cary Elwes and Jon Voight as the late Pope in his younger and older years

Mother Theresa

Biographical miniseries starring Olivia Hussey as the late Nobel Peace Prize-winning nun, devoted to the world's poorest people


Biographical miniseries with actress Anna Valle as the wife of the Shah of Persia in a tale of love, war and the price of dignity


121 Bloor St. E., Ste. 1500

Toronto, ON M4W 3M5 Canada

T: (416) 967-1174 F: (416) 960-0971

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Crime drama series about a group of stealthy forensic investigators who solve violent crimes in Las Vegas

CSI: Miami

Crime drama series about a forensic team that solves cases amid the tropical surrounding and cultural crossroads of Miami


Crime drama series set in New York City that follows forensic investigators' cases in the Big Apple

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Teen drama series that tackles homophobia, abuse, and pregnancy as well as other teen issues, such as love triangles and heartbreak

Lunar Jim

Stop-motion animated preschool series set on the moon; promotes educational fun and learning


Pacheco de Melo 1833, piso 6

Cap. Fed. Buenos Aires, Argentina

T: 54 11 4807 8700 F: 54 11 4806 7737


Family variety show featuring music, celebrities, athletes, viewer contests and a segment targeted at kids and teens

Prosecutors (Fiscales)

Crime miniseries about the daily lives of public prosecutors, from their arrival at the scene of a crime, to trial, to conviction


Crime miniseries that follows one ordinary man's transformation into a violent assassin

Forensic Scientist (Forenses)

Documentary series about various crimes in which the only clues investigators have come from a body

Oldmaid Juanita (Juanita, la Soltera)

Telenovela about a stubborn woman (who must get married and have kids to get her inheritance) who is targeted by a con man


2017 S. Westgate Avenue

West Los Angeles, CA 90025

T: (310) 979-0191 F: (310) 207-2587

The List

Entertainment celebrity culture series that takes viewers behind the scenes to VIP rooms and invite-only events

Oh, No! It's Kato!

Entertainment celebrity culture series that follows personality Kato Kaelin as he attends VIP events

Playing in Paradise

Travel series featuring the world's most stunning women, that searches the globe for its most spectacular locations

Hawaiian Tropic Adventures

Travel series follows top Hawaiian Tropic beauty pageant finalists making their way to grand events around the world

Bikini Destinations

Travel series on which bikini models explore the world



1441 Brickell Avenue

Miami, FL 33131

T: (305) 960-2018 F: (305) 960-2017

La Ex

Telenovela about a recently single woman who, with the help of her two friends and a talk show she hosts, starts her life over

Amores Cruzados

HD telenovela about two men who switch identities but who, when they fall in love with sisters, must hide their deceit

Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso

Telenovela about a flat-chested woman, in a world of drug trafficking, who finds it hard to compete with currier women


12001 Ventura Place, 6th Fl.

Studio City, CA 91604

T: (818) 299-9600 F: (818) 299-9650

The Scholar

Competition reality series in which ten high school seniors vie for a full scholarship to the college of their choice

That '70s Show

Sitcom about teenage friends growing up in the 1970s who deal with love, family and the psychedelic decade

Grounded for Life

Sitcom about married, grown-up high school sweethearts who deal with being immature and their own teenage daughter

The Cosby Show

Sitcom about a family of two working parents and their five children

21 Jump Street

Crime drama series starring Johnny Depp about young-looking police officers who pose as students to stop teen crime


18 Dupont Street

Toronto, ON M5R 1V2, Canada

T: (416) 964-8750 F: (416) 964-1980

Erky Perky

Children's 3D animated series about two dimwitted bugs who accidentally move from a hotdog stand to a suburban kitchen

Frankenstein's Cat (in development)

Kids' 2D animated comedy series about Nine, a cat made from nine others; based on the book of the same name

Daisy Jane and the Fairy Tree (in development)

Preschool animated series about an adorable little girl who happens to also be a fairy with special powers

Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Preschool animated series about a little boy and his imaginary friends--his toy dinosaurs

Meteor the Monster Truck

Preschool 3D animated series about the monster trucks that live in Crushington Park and their growing-up lessons



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