Indiana global trade directory: Indiana's international service providers.



INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, INTERNATIONAL TRADE DIVISION One North Capitol, Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317/233-3762 Fax: 317/233-1680 Int'l contact: Pamela Willett, admin.asst. Service: Assists manufacturer penetration of foreign markets by contacting agents, distributors and end-users.

INDIANA SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER NETWORK One N. Capitol suite 900 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317/234-2082 Fax: 317/232-8872 Executive dir.: Dabble Bishop Trocha Service: Offers a variety of services for new and existing businesses, including advice and assistance relating to international business. 12 locations around the state. Network Lead Center, 317/234-2082

OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE ISTA Center, Suite 414, 150 W. Market St, Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317/232-8770 Fax: 317/232-1362 Asst. commissioner of agriculture: Joseph R. Pearson Int'l contact: Andres Lelong, int'l. agritrade specialist Service: Assists Indiana Commissioner of Agriculture and serves as state liaison to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Works with commodity groups, agricultural organizations, agribusinesses, international trade prospects, educational institutions and private Indiana citizens to promote the agriculture industry in the state of Indiana.

PORTS OF INDIANA 150 W. Market St. #100 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317/232-9200 Fax: 317/232-0137 Exec. dir.: William J. Friedman Int'l contact: Jody Peacock, communications mgr. Service: Ports of Indiana manages the development of Indiana's three public ports: Port of Indiana Burns Harbor in Portage on Lake Michigan, Port of Indiana Southwind Maritime Center near Evansville, and Port of Indiana Clark Maritime Center in Jeffersonville and a network of foreign trade zones.

U.S. BUREAU OF CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION, INDIANAPOLIS INTERNATIONAL 6801 Pierson Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46241 Phone: 317/248 4060 Fax: 317/248-4174 Port dir.: William Bell Service: Anti-terrorism; prevents smuggling of contraband; levies duties on merchandise imported into the United States; offers information and assistance to importers on customs clearance procedures and operates the port of entry at the Indianapolis International Airport. Customs officials also are on duty at offices in Fort Wayne and Evansville.

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, INTERNATIONAL TRADE ADMINISTRATION, EXPORT ASSISTANCE CENTER 11405 N. Pennsylvania, Suite 106 Carmel, IN 46032 Phone: 317/582-2300 Fax: 317/582-2301 Dir.: Mark A. Cooper Int'l contact: Ava LaLiberte, international trades specialist-Central Indiana Region Service: Assists Indiana businesses in expanding exports, international sales and market share through promotion, counseling and partnerships with other organizations; identifies sources of financing with your company and the buyers; assists in cultural issues and business protocol and assessing and complying with regulatory and other market entry hurdles.

U.S. SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 429 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317/226-7272 Fax: 317/226 7259 District dir.: Gail Gesell Int'l contact: Mark A Beckman, Ioan officer Service: SBA provides export counseling and publications to small businesses, exporting workshops, and training programs and financial assistance to exporters.


INDIANA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE INC. 115 W. Washington St Suite 850 South Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317/264-3110 Fax: 317/264-6894 Pres. & CEO: Kevin Brinegar Int'l contact: Reggie Henderson, dir., small business & economic development Service: The mission of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce is to work proactively on behalf of its members and constituents. The chamber recognizes that this can best be achieved by providing a world-competitive business climate throughout the state in order to provide maximum opportunity for meaningful employment for all citizens of Indiana. The chamber does this by advancing thoughtful legislation and public policy and serving as a convenient source of reliable business information for members.

INDIANA DISTRICT EXPORT COUNCIL 11405 N. Pennsylvania St. 106 Carmel. IN 46032 Phone: 317/582-2300 Fax: 317/582-2301 Exec. secretary: Mark A. Cooper Service: Promotes exporting through counseling local businesses, identifying financing sources, supporting programs and services of Commercial Service Export Assistance Centers, building local partnerships with other organizations, and community education.

INDIANA HUMANITIES COUNCIL 1500 N. Delaware St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 Phone: 317/638-1500 ext. 125 Fax: 317/634-9503 Pres.: Dr. Scott T. Massey Int'l contact: Dr. Nancy Connor, dir. of Grants and Humanities Education Service: Collaborates with community organizations throughout Indiana to produce exhibits, lectures, performances, school programs, library and museum events, teachers' conferences and business forums to promote international understanding. Also makes grants to not-for-profit groups for international projects.

INDIANA MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION One American Square Suite 2400, Box 82012 Indianapolis, IN 46282 Phone: 317/632-2474 Fax: 317/231-2320 Pres.: Patrick J. Kiely Int'l contact: Greg Zoeller, dir. World Trade Center of Indiana Service; Promotes Indiana manufacturer competition internationally through lobbying before legislature and regulatory bodies and through consulting with member companies.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SOCIETY C/O MBA Program, Kelley School of Business 254, Indiana University Bloomington, IN 47405 Phone: 812/855-8006 Fax: 812/855-9039 Dir. of student services: Christine Davis Service: A student organization that promotes interest in international business through meetings, activities and speakers.

INTERNATIONAL LAW SECTION, INDIANA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION One Indiana Square Suite 530 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317/639-5465 Fax: 317/266-2588 Int'l contact: David Williams Russell, chair, International Law Section Service: Association of attorneys practicing law in the area of international trade.

WORLD TRADE CENTER OF INDIANA 54 Monument Cir Ste 250 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317/655-9999 Fax: 317/655-9997 Owner: Gene Hood


A foreign-trade zone is an area to which goods from abroad can be imported into Indiana without paying duties. No duty, quota or tax is imposed until the goods leave the zone and enter U.S. territory. If goods are re-exported, no customs duty is levied.

CLARK MARITIME CENTRE, FOREIGN TRADE ZONE #170 5100 Port Road Jeffersonville, IN 47130 Phone: 812/283 9662 Fax: 812/282-7505 Int'l contact: Michael J. O'Connor, port dir. Service: Maritime industrial park. Many international companies have located manufacturing and distribution facilities within the port. Competitive rail and barge service is available.

FORT WAYNE FOREIGN TRADE ZONE #182 One Main Street, Room 840 Fort Wayne, IN 46802 Phone: 260/427-1127 Fax: 260/427-1375 Int'l contact; Ola DeGabriele, dir. of international trade Service: Import and expert counseling, local directory of international trade service providers, seminars and workshops.

GREATER INDIANAPOLIS FOREIGN TRADE ZONE #72 P.O. Box 51681 Indianapolis, IN 46251 Phone: 317/487-7200 Fax: 317/487-7203 Gen. mgr.: Kent Ebbing Service: Holds products until they are released to the United States and are not subject to customs duties until they have been released; third party logistics.

MICHIANA REGIONAL FOREIGNTRADE ZONE #125 P.O. Box 3559 South Send, IN 46619 Phone: 574/232-9357 Fax: 574/232-8283 Int'l contact: Kenneth Kanczuzewski, zone mgr. Service: K.A.K. LLC offers storage of imported and domestic goods providing exemption from Indiana Inventory Tax. Other benefits include deferment of customs duty, excise tax, internal revenue taxes and bonding fees until goods are transferred out of the zone, usually after goods are sold.

PORT OF INDIANA-BURNS HARBOR/PORTAGE 6625 South Boundary Drive Portage, IN 46368 Phone: 219/787-8636 Fax: 219/787-8842 Dir. of operations: Stephen Mosher Service: Indiana's International Port is a facilitator of maritime commerce and home to more than 25 maritime industrial tenants located on its 550acre facility, with state-of-the-art material-handing equipment, modern storage facilities and liner service to and from Europe.

SOUTHWIND MARITIME CENTER, FOREIGNTRADE ZONE #177 2751 Bluff Rd. Mount Vernon, IN 47620 Phone: 812/838 4382 Fax: 812/838-4377 Port dir.: Phillip Wilzbacher Service: A public port serving southwest Indiana; state-of-the-art cost effective cargo transfers, offering all services for intermodal transportation.

TERRE HAUTE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, FOREIGN TRADE ZONE #239 581 S. Airport St. Terre Haute, IN 47803 Phone: 812/877-2524 Fax: 812/877-3853 Airport dir.: Dennis Dunbar Int'l contact: Georgia Douglas, project mgr.


AMERICAN CREDIT ASSOCIATION OF INDIANA 415 S. Shortridge Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46219 Phone: 317/262-3050 Fax: 317/636-5720 Pres.: C. Edward Frermann Int'l contact: Onda Williams, dir. of education Service: Sponsored by Indiana Association of Credit Management; offers information on export financing and obtains international credit reports.

GREATER FORT WAYNE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 826 Ewing St. Fort Wayne, IN 46802 Phone: 260/424-1435 Fax: 260/426-7232 Pres. & CEO: Philip Laux Int'l contact: Rachel Pickering, administrative assistant Service: A membership organization that promotes international trade through meetings, seminars and other membership services and resources. Provides networking opportunities.

INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF INDIANAPOLIS 32 East Washington St. Suite 1625 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone: 317/955-5150 Fax: 317/955-5160 Executive dir.: Catherine Cregor Blitzer Int'l contact: Kristin Garvey, assoc. dir. Service: Non-profit organization offering destination services, pre-departure, and cross-cultural training and information referral services. ICI maintains a database of translators and interpreters...

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