Indiana criminal justice association: 81 years and still going strong.

Author:Bittorf, Kellie J.
Position:Dual Chapter Spotlight

Founded in 1933, the Indiana Criminal Justice Association (ICJA)--Indiana's oldest and largest criminal justice professional association--continues to stand strong. This is the direct result of the dedication and determination of its members during the past 81 years. (1) The original title of the organization was the Indiana State Probation Association. At that time, probation was under the authority of the circuit court of each county. The state correctional system was a division of the Indiana Department of Public Welfare and was completely decentralized. Departments worked as separate entities, and community corrections did not even exist until 1986.

In 1953, the Indiana General Assembly created the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC), which is a state government agency. A division of probation was established within IDOC to provide general supervision over the administration of juvenile and adult probation of all courts in the state. The Division of Parole was also established within IDOC, severing all ties with the Welfare Department. Indiana was now coordinating information between county and state correctional and court agencies.

- In 1950, the membership of the Indiana State Probation Association voted to change the association's name to Indiana State Probation and Parole Association (IPPA). This reflected the growing number of parole staff seeing the need for a professional association to meet the needs of corrections, which was growing in professional stature. As the decade of the 1950s progressed into the 1960s, the association reached out to other areas of corrections and disciplines within the criminal justice system. Professionals from institutions, law enforcement, correctional-based programs, and judiciary and related programs joined IPPA, seeing the association as a vehicle to address issues of mutual interest. Due to the growing membership, the board once again made the decision to change the name of the association. In 1965, there was a unanimous vote in favor of renaming the association to the Indiana Correctional Association (ICA).

ICJA joined the American Correctional Association as a dual chapter in 1971. There are 14 members who have remained involved with the association since 1971, including three who are still members of ACA: Dean Duvall (1958), Alfred Bennett (1964) and Cloid Shuler (1964). Four members are honored to have been part of IDA for more than 50 years: 101-year-old John Buck (1958), David Metzger...

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