Index of capabilities.

Position:Information Technology-Women-Owned

Information Technology

1stPower, a Division of Energy Technologies Inc.


A2B Tracking Solutions

AAR Mobility Systems


ACI Technologies

Acquisition Solutions Inc.

Actionet Inc.

ADI Technologies Inc.

Advanced Automation Corporation

Advanced Simulation Technology Inc.

Advanced Systems Development Inc.

Advanced Systems Technology

AEgis Technologies Group Inc.

Aero Simulation Inc.

The Aerospace Corp. of E1 Segundo

Aerovironment Inc.

Airogistic LLC

Alion Science & Technology

Allen Systems Group Inc.

Allied Associates International Inc.

All-Star Consulting LI,C

Alluviam LLC

Altusys Corp.

American Systems

AMI International


Amyx Inc.

The Analysis Group LLC

Analytical Graphics Inc.

ANDA Networks Inc.


AnthroTronix Inc.

Applications Technology Inc. - AppTek

Applied Knowledge Group Inc.

Applied Research Laboratory


ASD Global

The Aspire Group

ASR International Corporation

Assurance Technology Corporation

Asynchrony Solutions Inc.

AT&T Government Solutions

AUSGAR Technologies Inc.

The Avascent Group Ltd.

BAE Systems

Barco Simulation

Basic Commerce and Industries Inc.


BCO inc.


Bechtel National Inc.


BLACKHAWK Management Corporation

Blue Canopy Group LLC

Bluemont Technology & Research Inc.

BNL Inc.

Bob Lawrence & Associates Inc.

Booz Allen Hamilton

Bowhead Technical and Professional Services

Bozek Consulting LLC

Braxton Technologies LLC

BreakAway Ltd.

BREEZE Software / Trinity Consultants


Brugg Cables LLC

Bruhn NewTech Inc.

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney



Carroll Publishing

Catalyst Partners LLC


Celeris Systems Inc.

CellAntenna Corp.

CenTauri Solutions LLC

Centurum Information Technology Inc.

The Charles Stark Draper Lab Inc.

Chassis Plans

Chemico Mays LLC

Chenega Federal Systems LLC

Chenega Technology Services Corp.

Cherokee Information Services Inc.


Circadence Corporation


Click Commerce Inc.

Clockwork Solutions Inc.

COLSA Corporation

The Columbia Group Inc.

Command Information Inc.

Computer Sciences Corporation

Computer Technology Associates

Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation

Concurrent Computer Corporation

Concurrent Technologies Corporation

The Confiance Group

CorpComm Inc.

Craig Technologies


CUE Technologies Inc.

Cybernet Systems Corporation

Datasoft Corporation


DCS Corporation

Deal Corp

Decision Sciences Corporation

Decisive Analytics Corporation

Defense Group Inc./COBRA Software

Defense News Media Group

Dekker Ltd.

Delphi Research Inc.


Digital Consulting Services

Digital Prospectors Corp. (DPC)

Diversified Defense Contracting LLC

DRIVE Developments Inc.

DRS Technologies

Dynamac Corporation

Dynamics Research Corporation

Dynetics Inc.


Elbit Systems of America

EM-Assist inc.

eMDee Technology Inc.

EMSolutions Inc.

Endwave Defense Systems Incorporated

Energetics Technology Center

EOD Technology Inc.

Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc.

ESCO Corporation

EWA Government Systems Inc.

Expeditionary Technical Solutions Inc.

Expression Networks LLC

EYP Mission Critical Facilities, a company of HP

FGM Inc.

Finmeccanica North America Inc.

Forward Slope Inc.

FSK Technology Services Inc.

FT1 Consulting

Fulcrum IT Services Company

Future Concepts


General Atomics

General Dynamics Corporation

Georgia Tech Research Institute

Global Strategies Group (North Americ

  1. Inc.

    Gould & Associates Global Services Inc.

    Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

    The Greentree Group

    Harmonia Inc.

    Harris Corporation

    High Performance Technologies Inc.

    Hitachi Consulting Corporation

    Holmes-Tucker International inc.

    Honeywell International

    HotFoot Management Systems

    HP - Federal

    Huber Consultants International

    IAP Worldwide Services Inc,

    ICF International


    Impact Technologies LLC

    INDUS Corporation

    INDUS Technology Inc.

    Infinity Technology

    Information Management Resources Inc.

    Information Systems Laboratories

    Information Systems Professionals Inc.

    Institute for Simulation and Training


    Integrated Consultants

    Integrits Corporation

    Integrity Applications Incorporated

    Intelligent Decisions Inc.

    IntelliSolutions lnc.

    Irus Group Inc.

    ITF Corporation

    ITTA Inc.

    Jacobs School of Engineering

    Jacobs Technology

    Jeskell Inc.

    Jet Propulsion Lab

    JHT Inc.

    Juniper Networks

    Kalman & Company Inc.


    KM Systems Group LLC

    KMI Media Group

    KU Transportation Research Institute

    L-1 Identity Solutions

    Lau Technologies

    LeeCor Inc.

    Lewis and Fowler


    Lockheed Martin Corporation


    Logistics Value Integrations Inc.

    M & A Technology Inc.


    MACTEC Engineering and Consulting Inc.

    Maden Technologies

    Maersk Line Limited

    ManTech International Corporation

    Marway Power Solutions Inc.

    McLane Advanced Technologies



    MEI Technologies

    Millennium Engineering and Integration Company

    Mincom Defense

    The MITRE Corporation

    Mobile Armor


    MSE Technology Applications Inc.

    MTCSC Inc.

    NCI Information Systems Inc.


    Noblis Inc.

    Nolan Mar International Inc.

    Nortel Government Solutions

    Northrop Grumman

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Omega Training Division/Cubic Applications Inc.

    Omnisat LLC

    O'Neil & Associates Inc.

    OptiMetrics Inc.

    ORBIS Corporation

    ORBITRON Corp.

    Ordusion Technologies Inc.

    Paragon Dynamics Inc.

    Patriot Defense Group LLC

    PD Systems Inc.

    PE Systems Inc.

    Pennant Information Services Inc.

    Perot Systems Corporation

    Phacil Inc.

    Pika International Inc.

    Pinnacle Management Systems

    Plexus Scientific Corporation

    Portal Dynamics

    Potomac Strategies International LLC

    Praemittias Group Inc.

    Pragati Synergetic Research Inc.

    Predicate Logic Inc.

    Premier Professional Systems Inc.

    Previstar Inc.

    PRICE Systems LLC

    Primescape Solutions Inc.

    Professional Solutions LLC

    Programmatics Engineering Group Inc. PEGi

    ProModel Corporation

    Provengo LLC

    Psion Teklogix

    PURVIS Systems Inc.

    Qualcomm Enterprise Services

    Quantum3D Inc.

    RASco Inc.

    Raytheon Company

    Referentia Systems Incorporated

    RhinoCorps Ltd. Co.


    Robbins-Gioia LLC

    Robinson Aviation (RV

    1. Inc.

    Rockwell Collins

    Roprex Systems LLC

    RPI Group Inc.

    Safran North America LLC

    San Diego State University Research Foundation

    SAP America Inc.

    SAS Federal LLC

    Science and Technology Associates Inc.

    Science Applications International Corp. (SMC)

    Science Applications International Corporation

    Eagan, McAllister Associates

    Scientific Solutions Inc.

    SCITOR Corporation


    Scratch Telecom

    SDS International

    Security By Design Inc.

    SelectTech Services Corporation

    Semandex Networks Inc.

    Sensis Corporation

    Sentek Consulting


    Sierra Nevada Corporation

    Simulation Systems & Applications Inc.

    SMART Technologies ULC

    Software Engineering Associates Inc.

    Software Engineering Institute

    Solers Inc.

    SOLUTE Consulting

    Southeastern Computer Consultants Inc.

    Southwest Research Institute

    SRI International



    The Steelman Group Inc.

    Steelray Software

    STG Inc.

    Strategic Business Solutions Inc.

    Strategic Data Systems

    Strategic Insight Ltd.

    Sullivan International Group Inc.

    Sumaria Systems Inc.

    Sun Microsystems Inc.

    SunGard Availability Services LP

    SURVICE Engineering Company

    Symetrics Industries

    Syncrotech Software Corporation

    Synectic Solutions Inc.

    System Planning Corporation

    Systems Technologies Inc.

    Systems Technology Forum Ltd.


    Syzygy Technologies Inc.

    Technical and Project Engineering LLC

    Technical Logistics Corporation

    Techni-Core Engineering Inc.

    Technology & Management International

    Telcordia Technologies

    Tele-Consultants Inc.

    Teledyne Brown Engineering

    Telos Corporation

    TFD Group

    Thales North America Inc.

    Tri Star Engineering Inc.

    Trident Systems Incorporated

    TSM Corporation

    United Space Alliance

    URS EG&G Division

    Ursa Navigation Solutions Inc.


    Valador Inc.

    Van Scoyoc Associates

    VDC Display Systems

    Vector CSP

    Vector Planning & Services Inc.

    Versar Inc.

    Viper Technology Services

    Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center

    Virtual EM Inc.

    Vitech Corporation

    VSE Corporation

    VT Systems Inc.

    W & H Stampings & Fineblanking

    WBB Consulting

    WCC Smart Search and Match

    WinTec Arrowmaker Inc.

    Words & Numbers



    Infrared Systems


    ADI Technologies Inc.

    Advanced Composite Manufacturing

    AEgis Technologies Group Inc.

    Aerovironment Inc.

    Ahura Scientific Inc.

    Applied Research Associates Inc.

    Arete Associates


    The Aspire Group

    B. E. Meyers

    BAE Systems

    Barr Associates Inc.


    Bechtel National Inc.

    Bruker Detection Corporation


    Cejay Engineering LLC

    Celeris Systems Inc.



    DCS Corporation

    Decoma International

    Defense News Media Group

    DRS Technologies

    Dry Tech

    Dynetics Inc.

    Elbit Systems of America

    EWA Government Systems Inc.

    ExchangeMonitor Publications Inc.

    FLIR Systems Inc..

    General Dynamics Corporation

    Georgia Tech Research Institute

    Goodrich Corporation

    Gould & Associates Global Services Inc.

    Guardian Manufacturing Co. Inc.

    Gyrocam Systems Inc.

    Helixx Industries Inc.

    Hoffman Engineering Corporation

    IAP Worldwide Services Inc.

    ICx Transportation Group Inc.

    Information Systems Laboratories

    Insight Technology Incorporated


    Integrated Consultants

    integrity Applications Incorporated

    ITF Corporation

    ITTA Inc.

    Jacobs School of Engineering

    Jacobs Technology

    Jane's DS Forecast

    Jet Propulsion Lab

    K&Y Diamond Ltd.

    KMI Media Group

    KU Transportation Research Institute

    L-3 Cincinnati Electronics

    Laser Devices Inc.

    Lucid Dimensions Inc.

    Maxavision Technologies

    Miltec, A Ducommun Company

    Mine Safety Appliances Co.

    National Technical Systems

    Newport Electronics Inc.

    Northrop Grumman

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    ODIS Inc./OPEL Inc.

    OptiMetrics Inc.

    Peduzzi Associates Ltd.

    PEERLESS Precision Inc.

    Potomac River Group LLC


    Princeton Nanotechnology Systems

    Raytheon Company

    Recon Robotics

    RVision lnc

    Sage Technologies, LTD

    Science and Technology Associates Inc.

    Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC)

    Science Applications International Corporation

    Eagan, McAllister Associates

    SCITOR Corporation

    Senstar lnc.

    Sentek Consulting

    Sidus Solutions Inc.

    SPA Defense

    The Steelman Group Inc.


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