INDEX Americas: Sustainability Award 2018.


Sustainable Development is the key to improving the quality of life of everyone on the planet. It results in better use of resources, less waste, less pollution, more inclusion of disadvantaged populations, better use of technology, and more "democratization" of knowledge.

Companies as a driving force in society, and in the economic development of countries, are becoming increasingly aware of the sustainability issue and of the enormous contribution they can make in line with the goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

So, many companies have included those principles of sustainable development in their codes of ethics and are showing their strong commitment through a variety of programs and projects, which involve using their own resources and, in many cases, the work of thousands of volunteers.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has created IndexAmericas, a compilation of over 400 indicators that evaluates the concrete contributions of more than 6,000 leading companies in environment, corporate governance, social innovation, and development. That index gave rise to this prize, the Latin Trade IndexAmericas Sustainability Award which recognizes large and publicly listed companies that have contributed the most to inclusion, environment, corporate governance, and sustainable development. In next pages, we present the three finalists in each category as well as in multilatinas. The winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting of the IDB in Mendoza, Argentina, in March.



Companies are evaluated from several perspectives, including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and use of toxic substances; waste management; their impact on ecosystems; and efficient use of resources, especially energy and water.

The companies nominated in this category are:


Valeo is a French multinational auto parts supplier that partners with almost all the world's car manufacturers. It offers innovative systems and equipment for reducing C02 emissions. In Latin America, Valeo operates in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, and has six plants in South America. Valeo has committed itself to limiting the environmental impact of all of its activities by applying strict international standards. The company has certified 98% of its plants according to the ISO 14001 standards for environmental management systems, 94% of its plants according to the OHSAS 18001 standards for management of safety and workplace health, and has given more than 50,000 hours of training in environmental management to equipment operators in all of its plants.


Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company is an American multinational that manufactures and sells technologies for a variety of industries, and markets its products throughout Latin America. Research and development is an essential part of its operation. Every year, 3M invests almost 6% of its sales revenues (2016 figures) in research and development, and this results in the company registering more than 3,000 patents annually.

3M has focused its efforts on protection of natural resources, with initiatives directed at water conservation...

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