AuthorWilliam M. Audet/Kimberly A. Fanady
Abandonment of claim or defense, 32:I.C, 32:III.B
Abusive discovery tactics, 81:IV.F
Accountants, documents in possession or control of,
deposition notice, 57:III.A
Office of Citizen’s Consular Service, 98:III.A
interrogatories used as, 30:IV.B
requests for admission. See Requests for admission
Affidavits. See Declarations and affidavits
client interview, 7:III
physical and mental examinations, request for
employee to submit to, 48:III.B
requests to produce, 36:I.E
interrogatories, responses to, 33:IV.C
requests for admission. See Requests for admission
discovery responses, generally, 96:I-96:IV
Annotated proof of fact
preparation of, 4:I-4:IV
sample form for breach of contract, Form 2
generally, 97:I.A
circuit courts, permission to appeal, 97:I.B,
97:II.C, 97:III.D
Cohen doctrine, 97:I.B, 97:III.B
collateral order doctrine, 97:I.B, 97:III.B
contempt order, 97:I.B
district court, permission to appeal, 97:I.B, 97:I.C,
magistrate judges’ decisions, 89:I.C, 97:I.E
mandamus, petition for writ of, 97:I.B, 97:II.B,
sanctions orders, 97:I.B, 97:I.E, 97:IV.B
special masters’ orders, 89:III.F
stay of enforcement of order, 97:III.A
Associations. See Corporations and other entities
Attorney work product
assertion of immunity, 13:I-13:IV
crime-fraud exception, 13:I.A
database, 13:IV
depositions, objections to, 66:III.B
expert discovery, 13:III.I, 75:I.B, 75:III.A,
75:IV.B, 78:III.D
identity of documents shown to deponent, 13:IV
inadvertent disclosure, 13:III.G
interrogatories, 30:III.D, 31:III.B
index of documents, 13:IV
material protected, 13:I.B
objection to discovery, 13:III
protective orders, 84:III.C
purpose, 13:I.C
requests to produce, 36:I.E, 37:III.C, 38:III.B
requirements for assertion, 13:I
sanctions, opposition to, 88:III.A
subpoena of documents, 43:III.A
testifying experts, materials of, 13:III.I
time for assertion, 13:II
waiver, 13:I.D, 13:III.G
Attorney-client privilege
absolute, 12:I.E
assertion, 12:I-12:IV
client interviews, 7:III
corporate assertion, 12:I.F
crime-fraud exception, 12:I.C.5
depositions, 12:III.C
documents, review of, 8:I-8:IV
elements of, 12:I.C
exclusions from, 12:I.J
expert depositions, 78:III.D
experts, statements made to, 72:IV.A, 73:IV.D
fiduciary exception, 12:I.L
inadvertent disclosures, 12:IV
public documents, 12.I.G
purpose of, 12:I.D
redacted documents, 12:IV.D
requests to produce, 12:III.D, 36:I.E, 38:III.B
Note: Entries refer to task numbers followed by specifications within the tasks.
sanctions, opposition to, 88:III.A
subpoena of documents, 43:III.A
third parties, 12:I.G, 12:I.I
time for asserting, 12:II
typical privileged communications, 12:I.E
waiver of privilege, 12:I.I, 12:III.G
work product immunity. See Attorney work product
fees. See Costs and attorney’s fees
foreign counsel, assistance of, 98:III.A, 99:IV.B
interrogatories seeking attorney’s impressions or
opinions, 32:I.B. 33:III.D
mental impressions or opinions. See Attorney
work product
physical and mental examinations, attendance at,
privileged communications. See Attorney-client
requests to produce documents in possession or
control of, 36:I.E
work product. See Attorney work product
Audiotape depositions. See Depositions
Business records
custodian of records, deposition of, 35:II, 35:III.D
defined, 35:III.D
interrogatories, response to, 31:I.A, 31:III.D
calculation of time periods, 3:III
creation, 3:I-3:IV
deadlines, compliance with, 3:I-3:IV
CD ROM, videotape depositions transferred to,
Charts, requests to produce, 36:I.B
Circuit courts, permission to appeal, 97:I.B, 97:II.C,
Clergy-parishioner privilege, 14:I.A
Client interview, 7:I-7:IV
Commercial information
protective orders, 84:I.A, 84:III.C, 84:IV.A
trade secrets. See Trade secrets
foreign discovery, commission procedure, 98:III.C
foreign proceedings, domestic discovery in aid of,
101:III.C., 101:IV.A
Compelling discovery. See Motion to compel
deposition questions, objections to, 65:III.I,
mental examinations. See Physical and mental
Complex litigation
discovery in, 6B:I-IV, 6C:I-IV
initial conferences in, 6B:I-IV
sample request for, Form 36
pretrial orders, 6C:I-IV
sample order, Form 37
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 41:IV. G\F
Computer systems
entry and inspection. requests for, 44:IV.B
hard drives, requests to produce, 36:I.B
discovery conference. See Discovery conference
pretrial conference. See Pretrial conference
status conference. See Status conference
telephone conference with judge. See Telephone
conference with judge
video conference call, 61:IV.E
depositions, instructions not to answer, 82:IV.A
entry and inspection, requests for, 46:IV.A
inadvertent disclosure of confidential materials,
protective orders, 84:I.A
requests to produce, 38:III.C
subpoenas, 41:IV.C, 43:III.B, 43:III.H
Conflict of interest of experts, 71:III.D
Consulate, foreign discovery assistance, 98:III.A
appeal of order, 97:I.B
sanctions, 87:I.D
subpoena, nonparty’s failure to obey, 42:I-42:IV
Contention interrogatories. See Interrogatories
Continuance of bearing on motion to compel, 83:II.C
Contract, annotated proof of fact for breach of, Form 2

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