AuthorDavid J. Galluzzo/Robert Clifford
Academic Background vs. Practical Experience of
Expert, §121.8
Accident Reconstruction Experts, §§541, 561.3
Basis for Opinion, §541.2
Challenges to the Accident Reconstruction
Expert, §541.5
Demonstrative Presentations, §541.4
Presentation of Accident Reconstruction Expert
Opinion, §541.3
Qualification of the Accident Reconstruction
Expert, §541. 1
Accountant Expert, §561.3
Accountants as Economic Experts, §550.1
Accounting Malpractice, §554
Admission of Expert Testimony at Trial, §345.2 et seq.
Standard of Review of, §344.1.3
Admissions, Request for, §220
Age of Expert, Consideration Factors, §121.11
Agreement, Compensation of Expert, §150
Agreement, Written, with Expert, §150.1
Agricultural Land, Appraising Value of, §513
Air Crash Experts, §543
Alternatives to Using Experts, §152
Ambiguous Questions, Direct Testimony,
Objections, §425.4
Antitrust Litigation
Protective Orders in, §230
Appraisers, Expert, §510
Valuation of Partial Interests, §510.1
Discovery and, §363
Hearings, §361
Preparation of Expert for, §361
Proceedings and Use of Expert, §360
Selection of Expert for, §362
Attack at Trial, §420 et seq.
Attack, Pretrial (see Pretrial Attack)
Attorney-Client Privilege, Document Disclosure, §241
Attorney Work Product Privilege, Document
Disclosure, §§203, 235, 242
Attributes of the Expert
Academic Background, §121.8
Age, §121.11
Attitude, §121.6
Availability, §121.5
Body language, §121.3
Checklist, §121.11
Communicative Skills, §121.1
Employee of Party, §121.7
Generally, §121
Health, §121.11
Honesty, §121.2
Local Expert, §121.10
Practical Experience, §121.8
Prior Witness Experience, §121.9
Proximity, §121.10
Reputation, §121.4
Time Availability, §121.5
Authorities Expert Relied On, Deposing Regarding,
Automobile Accident Field, Use of Expert in, §541
(see also Crashworthiness)
Bad Faith Claims, Experts in, §582
Bases for the Expert’s Opinion, Challenging, §415.1.7
Bias of Expert, Cross-Examination on, §§433.2, 433.4
Binder on Experts, Preparing, §422
Businesses, Appraising Value, §§514, 553-553.6
Business Records, Computerized, §346
Calculation of Compensation, §150
Causation, Establishing, §102.2
Certified Public Accountant Societies, §130
Character of Criminal Defendant, Evidence, §603.5
Admissibility of Government Documents, §152.1
Admission of Testimony, §345.2

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