Incredibly Stupid Things Donald Trump Has Said About Climate Change.

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It's no surprise that the current President, referred to by those closest to him as "an idiot," "dope," and "moron," has excelled at the dumbness competition that is mainstream Republican reaction to climate change. Here are some of his standout moments:

"I consider climate change to be not one of our big problems. I consider it to be not a big problem at all. I think it's weather. I think it's weather changes. It could be some man-made something, but you know, if you look at China, they're doing nothing about it. Other countries, they're doing nothing about it. It's a big planet."

--MSNBC interview 9/17/2015

"I think our biggest form of climate change we should worry about is nuclear weapons."

--Washington Post interview, 3/21/2016

"I think something's happening. Something's changing and it'll change back again. I don't think it's a hoax. I think there's probably a difference...

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