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When can FMLA be used for mental health leave?

The FMLA allows qualified workers to take job-protected leave to address their serious mental health conditions or family members' serious conditions. A condition is considered serious if it requires inpatient care or continuing treatment by a health care provider. For details on when FMLA leave would qualify in mental health situations, access the U.S. Department of Labor's new fact sheet, Mental Health Conditions and the FMLA, and the DOL's new FAQ on the issue. Access both at

IRS clarifies rule on donating leave to aid Ukraine

The IRS announced how U.S. employees can donate their accrued leave to aid citizens and refugees of Ukraine. Some U.S. companies are setting up leave-based donation programs. How it works: Your organization converts employees' vacation, sick or personal leave donations into cash and remits the cash to charitable organizations aiding victims. No double dipping: Employees can't take charitable deductions on their 1040s. The company can deduct these amounts as salary expenses or charitable donations, but not both. Learn more from the IRS at

Remind staff: Don't panic react to 401(k) losses

With U.S. stocks having lost nearly 20% of their value this year, your employees who are invested in your retirement plan are undoubtedly nervous. HR ethics forbid you from offering financial advice to employees, but you can pass along this bit of investor wisdom: When stock markets dip, resist the temptation to pull back from retirement investments. In short, don't panic! Markets go up, markets go down. Smart investors ride the roller coaster...

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