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Welcoming back employees? Establish a plan

While the resurgent COVID pandemic has put a pause on many employers' plans, some organizations are going ahead with reopening their workplaces this fall to employees, at least on a hybrid home/work schedule. In addition to setting policies on vaccinations and masks, have a plan to respond to returning employees' anxiety, stress and potential conflicts. Hold a pre-return staff meeting to discuss expectations and answer employees' questions. Managers should adjust expectations temporarily and conduct regular check-ins. For a manager's guide to welcoming their employees back to the office, go to

New infrastructure bill avoids big labor-law changes

The massive infrastructure bill moving through Congress would provide $1.2 trillion to improve roads, modernize utilities and expand broadband coverage. But it didn't include several big workplace-law changes that Democrats were hoping to include. Left out of the final bill: the PRO Act that would make union organizing much easier, measures calling for employer paid leave, funding care for children of working parents and reforming the unemployment insurance system.

Prepare now: Payroll e-filing is coming in 2022

If your organization isn't already required to e-file for payroll information returns (1099s, W-2s, 1095s, etc.) with the IRS and Social Security Administration, proposed regulations issued last month mean you will need to e-file within the next two years. The mandatory e-filing threshold will drop to 100 or more returns (from 250 or more) for returns filed in 2022. The threshold will drop again to 10 or more returns for returns filed in 2023. Note: E-filing means you must register with the IRS and the SSA well in advance of filing season.

EEOC issues resources on anti-LGBT discrimination

The EEOC has said for years that discrimination based on sexual orientation is a form of unlawful sex discrimination under Title VII...

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