In Our Do'ers Profile, we highlight some of the hardworking and talented individuals in health and human services. This issue features Ron Clewer, Chief Operating Officer, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities.

Author:Clewer, Ron
Position:Our do'ers profile - Biography - Interview

Name: Ron Clewer

Title: Chief Operating Officer, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

Years of Service: 10 years collectively in the field--1 year with the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. Prior to serving as COO of the Alliance, I was the CEO of an Alliance member organization focused on affordable housing and the intersection of housing and human services.

Rewards of the Job: There are many rewards in my position, but to name just a few:

* working with such great people within the Alliance who are driven to support our network, and through it, to assist children, families, and communities in achieving their greatest potential;

* working closely with cross-sectorial leaders waged deep in systems change and, as a result, seeing the positive change in their communities;

* co-creating the movement to eliminate barriers for organizations, individuals, children, families, and communities;

* serving as a steward and catalyst within the Alliance to incubate, aggregate, and accelerate the best work within our network, focused on equity, to ensure all people have equitable access to opportunities and success as they see it.

Accomplishments Most Proud Of: I believe that my life is a constant work in progress and that each moment, no matter how large or small, helps influence who I am and how I use my experiences to achieve goals. The accomplishment I am most proud of is being where I am right now, specifically:

* living a life centered in appreciative inquiry;

* being joyful to love my wife and children for who they are, their independence, unique qualities, drive, and determination;

* staying woke;

* setting the bar within a public housing system to recognize housing as a platform for opportunity (i.e., health, well-being, education, and economic mobility) and that the greatest assets within the system are its people, and;

* the opportunity to work with our Alliance staff and network to focus on and advance equity.

Future Challenges for the Delivery of Public Human Services: If I have to cite challenges, I would say--adaptability and our ability to attract and retain entrepreneurial talent; however, I...

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