In Our Do'ers Profile, we highlight some of the hardworking and talented individuals in public human services. This issue features Kristen Duus, Oregon's Chief Information Officer and ISM Chair.

Author:Duus, Kristen
Position:Our do'ers profile

Name: Kristen Duus

Title: Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the shared services organization supporting the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA); Chair of IT Solutions Management for Human Services (ISM), an affinity group of the American Public Human Services Association

Years of Service: More than 20 years

Rewards of the Job: I love contributing to the mission of our health and human services organizations--helping Oregonians achieve well-being and independence, and helping people and communities achieve optimum physical, mental, and social well-being.

We face many challenges in managing technology in the public sector--a constantly changing technology landscape, old and archaic systems, limited budgets, heightened public and media accountability, and increasing demands. I find navigating these challenges to deliver successful projects and modernize systems and tools to be very rewarding, especially when we keep in mind the impact we can have on the people we serve.

On a day-to-day basis I find the work I do directly with staff the most rewarding--helping staff to learn, grow, and reach their potential, and striving for a "best in class" IT organization that will sustain and grow past my tenure as CIO.

Accomplishments Most Proud Of: I joined my organization one year after the largest IT project failure in Oregon state government--Cover Oregon. I'm proud of the work my team has done to put that failure behind us, implement a management system that includes performance targets and scorecards, adopt a results-oriented, response and customer-focused culture, and prove we can deliver successful IT projects.

Future Challenges for the Delivery of Public Human Services: This work is hard, and requires an investment of time and resources that we often don't have in the public sector. Additionally, we are often faced with changing priorities and navigating through the whims of politics.

We need to master and overcome the day-to-day chaos so we can...

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