In memory.

Lewis Edgar Hill


Lewis Edgar Hill, recipient of AFEE's 1998 Veblen-Commons award, died December 21, 2003, at his hometown of Lubbock, Tex., at the age of 81.

Dr. Hill was retired from Texas Tech University. Prior to his 37-year tenure as an economics professor there, he taught economics at his alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin, Furman University in Greenville, S.C., Shorter College in Rome, Ga., and Clemson University in Clemson, S.C.--totaling more than 50 years of college instruction. While at Texas Tech he also served as chairman of the Department of Economics and director of the Center for the Study of Regional Economic and Industrial Development.

Dr. Hill belonged to many other professional associations and published close to 200 articles in professional journals. His research interests included institutional economics, economic methodology, social economics, economic policy, and health care economics.

In nominating Dr. Hill for the Veblen-Commons award, Roger Troub credited him with, among other things, being a pioneer in applying the pragmatic-instrumental value theory to the methodology of institutional economics...

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