In memoriam.

PositionCalifornia Supreme Court Justice Stanley Mosk



Many years ago, he was already a legend. A law clerk from New York, I was making remarks at a conference in Washington, D.C., and he was in the audience. At the end of my presentation he approached me, and he made me feel it was his joy that we were there together. The "courtesy, kindness and modest[y]" of this man--as a recent award to him reads--was all the more remarkable because he was such a giant. Because everyone at that conference, like everyone virtually anywhere Stanley Mosk went, was honored to be in his presence.

State Constitutional Commentary was dedicated to Stanley Mosk once before. In our 1999 issue, Lawrence H. Cooke, New York's former Chief Judge and himself an eminence in the annals of the American state judiciary, praised Justice Mosk for his "courageous independence," and recognized his stature as a "towering national judicial figure." Like Chief Judge Cooke, Justice Mosk served as a member of the Professional Board of Editors of this journal from its start until his passing. We have been honored by our...

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