In Memoriam, 0620 COBJ, Vol. 49, No. 6 Pg. 60

AuthorJohn D. Aylward
PositionVol. 49, 6 [Page 60]

49 Colo.Law. 60


No. Vol. 49, No. 6 [Page 60]

Colorado Lawyer

June, 2020

In Memoriam

John D. Aylward

October 11, 1950-March 4, 2020

Fort Collins attorney lohn David Aylward, 69, passed away on March 4, 2020. John had been ill for about five months before succumbing to cancer.

John grew up in Centreville and Poland, Ohio. In 1964, the Aylward family moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where John was president of his senior class. John excelled in school and graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1972. In 1976, he received his JD from Washington University in St. Louis.

John and his wife Nancy had their first date on New Year's Eve 1967. Nancy won "the prize of being John's date by a flip of a coin." After passing the bar exam, Nancy and John moved to Fort Collins in 1976. They lived on the west side of Old Town Fort Collins since first arriving. Their son, Jack Aylward, born in 1988, now resides in Northern Colorado. He and John always had a close relationship. John's family described him as having a kind heart and a willingness to help many people.

John was an active attorney until retiring in 2019. At various times, he was partners with David Bye, John Gascoyne, and Bill Kneeland. One of his former partners noted that there had never been a contract with John as his word was sufficient. John was known for his legal scholarship, and he was a fearless advocate on behalf of his clients. He always showed even-handedness in dealing with both colleagues and opponents.

Beyond his law practice, John was an avid gardener. He was a serious student of Greek and Roman history and mythology. He also enjoyed music, reading, and playing tennis and squash.

He is survived by his wife Nancy, son Jack, sister Mary Graves, sister-in-law Katherine Woltjer, and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, John and Josephine Aylward. Memorial contributions in his name may be made to Garden Sweet Farm CSA, 719 W. Willox Lane, Fort Collins, CO 80524.

George Raymond Buck Jr.

October 18, 1937-April 6, 2020

George Raymond Buck Jr. was born on October 18, 1937 in Denver, Colorado, the son of George Raymond Buck Sr. and Georgia Dudley Buck. He passed away due to natural causes on Monday, April 6, 2020 at his residence at age 82.

George grew up in Denver and attended Colorado State University, where he was a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He went on to earn his law degree at the University of Denver. During law school he met his wife of 55 years, Frances Louise Buck. They were married on August 8, 1965. Both George and Fran settled in Cortez before the birth of their oldest child, GUI.

George practiced law with a local firm for several years and then served as district attorney for many terms. He later opened his own private practice, which continued to operate until his passing. At 82, George was the longest practicing attorney in Southwestern Colorado. He was an active member of the Southwestern Colorado Bar Association and a dear friend to many.

George was a man of many interests. He enjoyed travel, photography, candle making, river raft racing, bull and bronco riding, fly fishing, wood carving, hunting...

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