In defense of fierceness.

Author:Berry, Chuck
Position::Letters - Letter to the editor

Regarding the letter taking columnist Greta Christina to task for using profanity (Letters, N/D 2016), I say: Kumba-freaking-ya! I personally don't want to put #@$!%* in print myself, but I'm delighted when others are willing to do so. I thought the ideas on ageism that Christina presented in a recent column (Fierce Humanism, S/O 2016) were among her best, and that's saying something; she's a fabulous writer, and her column is a must-read when I receive the Humanist. Her concise, humorous, and fierce way of expressing her insightful observations makes her one of my very favorite authors.

Greta, please keep writing and don't sell out. As you...

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