IMTS readers' choice.

Tooling & Production has invited IMTS 2008 exhibitors to share their latest innovations with readers before the doors of Chicago's McCormick Place open in September. This month, T&P focuses on workholding and toolholding products.

In the coming months before the greatest show in manufacturing, T&P will feature cutting tools, inspection products, software, laser and waterjet marvels, abrasive machining products, and the best in turning and machining.

Use the Rsleads addresses at the end of each listing to receive more information directly from, the company. T&P will gage the level of interest in each product and determine the Readers Choice winners, which will be featured in the big August pre-show issue.

Quick-clamping vise

The Dapra T-REX vise boasts adjustable gripper studs embedded into the workpiece, allowing safe and quick clamping of raw parts, thermal cut parts, and sawn-off material. It has a movable pivot jaw that accommodates different workpiece shapes. It is also designed for easy operation with a mechanical power intensifier.


The top and bottom sides are ground, and the bottom side has accurate aligning slots and a positioning hole. The spindle of this vise is entirely closed and nitrated, ensuring high reliability, protecting against contaminants and chips and minimizing cleaning time. Dapra Corp.,

Pull-down chuck

SMW Autoblok's TX pull-down chuck features repeatability of up to 4[micro]m (0.00015") and is designed to operate under aggressive cutting conditions. The TX chuck is ideal for secondary machining operations in which high levels of accuracy and parallelism are required.


Designed to operate with less wear than any other pull-down chuck, the TX chuck disperses cutting forces over an increased area. This is especially important for applications with heavy tool loads (such as in milling or interrupted turning). It also allows the chuck to hold its accuracy over an extended period of time. Furthermore, the master jaws are pinned to the chuck body, providing additional rigidity and allowing the TX chuck to work effectively in milling as well as turning operations.

The TX chuck is completely sealed and will run six months in around-the-clock operation without additional lubrication. This ensures less maintenance, more spindle run time, and more consistent part gripping. It will be initially available in 8", 10", and 12" sizes. SMW Autoblok Corp., www.rsleads. com/801tp-170

Hydraulic toolholders

Schunk Inc. introduces new features to its hydraulic toolholders, modifying its bestseller TENDO to be able to clamp different types of cutting tools with cylindrical shanks directly in the toolholder without using intermediate sleeves. This makes this toolholder even more universal during its application of various tasks. Torque transmission capacity has also been increased by up to 15 percent.


A steel sleeve surrounded by hydraulic fluid performs the clamping of the cutting tool. When initializing the clamping process, an internal piston forces the hydraulic fluid into a cavity surrounding the steel sleeve. The high pressure uniformly forces the sleeve around any cutting tool shank.

Cutting tools with different shanks are held with great concentricity of less than 0.002mm. The enormous clamping pressure displaces oil or grease into the TENDO groove in the clamping bore. Clamping areas remain dry and high-torque transmission is guaranteed at all spindle speeds. The hydraulic system also absorbs vibrations inherent in the cutting or grinding processes. The results are very high TIR accuracy and repeatability of less than 3 microns (0.00012"), tool life is extended up to four times, and greatly improved surface quality of machined parts.

The toolholders are suitable for high-speed and fine milling, heavy-duty milling, wood machining, high-speed machining, internal grinding, boring and chamfering, precision reaming, and precision tool grinding. All TENDO toolholders are completely closed systems that operate free of dirt, coolants, lubricants, and chips to ensure low maintenance and high operating...

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