Impressive PM course.

Author:Aleckson, Jon

Project Management: Ethics and Professional Knowledge, 2004, SkillSoft (877-545-5763,, $100-$450 per user.

The Project Management Institute's PMP certification has created a cottage industry in training. SkillSoft, for example, offers over 40 online courses and over 600 project management-related online books via their Books 24/7 website to help individuals fine tune project management skills. This review focuses on Project Management: Ethics and Professional Knowledge, which covers the topics of ethical and legal requirements of being a project manager; the course also addresses the responsibility of a project manager to contribute to the body of project management knowledge.

SkillSoft has been both applauded and emulated and sometimes maligned for being first to market with content that is online but not very interactive. Nevertheless, when you consider volume pricing for large and small companies, widespread availability, and the quality of content delivered, I give this e-course four stars. Ethics and Professional Knowledge succeeds because its high-quality writing engages learners and demands understanding and judgment.

As a training and development materials project management generalist, I found the content held my attention and challenged me. I especially like the main menu feature of showing completion status. The pre-test and main menu listings helped me create a learning path based on my lesson pre-test scores. Links are provided to "Skill Briefs," which contain relevant Project Management Institute information and checklists.

It is difficult to evaluate the learning effectiveness of a single SkillSoft e-course, considering it often...

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