System imports CAD files, produces micro-thin wires.

Position:Presstime Notes - Glebar Inc. - Brief Article

Glebar Inc., Franklin Lakes, NJ, has released CAM SXE, the first commercially available system for producing medical guidewires ground with shapes projecting from the shaft necessary for specific surgical procedures.

This new machine tool technology makes it possible to import shapes directly from a computer-aided design (CAD) system and to have multiple shapes on the same guidewire. The data from the CAD drawings is fed directly into high-precision servo-motors that control the grinding of the wires automatically with diameters as fine as O.0005"--about one-third the diameter of a human hair--and diameter tolerance as close as 0.0001". Length tolerance is within 0.002", and the surface finish is better than 9 Ra. Positioning accuracy is within 5 microns on all six axes.

"Because the system imports data directly from CAD files, set-up time is a...

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