Important Notices, 0919 ALBJ, 80 The Alabama Lawyer 378 (2019)

PositionVol. 80 5 Pg. 378


Vol. 80 No. 5 Pg. 378

Alabama Bar Lawyer

September, 2019

Annual License Fees and Membership Dues

Amendment of Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure

Annual License Fees and Membership Dues

Renewal notices for payment of annual license fees and special membership dues were emailed September 3. The fee for an Occupational license is $325 and the dues for a Special Membership are $162.50. Payments are due by October 1; payments made after October 31 will be subject to the statutory late fee. As a reminder, you will not receive a paper invoice in the mail.

Upon receipt of the renewal notice, online payments may be made at or you can create and print a voucher to mail with your check. Log in to the website and select "Consolidated Fee Invoice" from your MyDashboard page to make an online payment or print a voucher. Instructions for the payment process and help with logging in are available online as needed.

Amendment of Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure

In an order dated July 1, 2019, the Alabama Supreme Court amended Rule 3(a), Rule 3(d), Rule 3(e), Rule 12(a), Rule 35A(a)(1), and Rule 35A(b), Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure, and adopted Court Comments to those amendments. The amendment of these rules and the adoption of the Court Comments are effective October 1, 2019. The...

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