Implications for further research.

Position:Chapter 9

A number of opportunities for further investigation have been suggested by the findings of this study. First, there is a need for research on all the sexual behaviors of partners in primary relationships who are not legally married. If these lifestyles continue to spread throughout society they will become an important presence about which not enough is known.

In the area of extra-monogamous sex, the lack of any broad based survey since Athanasiou (1970) on the behavior of males has already been noted. While the behavior of women has been investigated more recently than that (Bell, 1974a; Levin, 1975), there is nonetheless a need for confirmation of this survey's findings that the EMS rate among sexually liberal females is approaching the average male rate.

Also in need of further investigation are the relationships of various background variables to EMS behavior among both men and women. The research here has suggested that changes in status such as marriage, divorce, or moving in with a mate have effects on extra-monogamous behavior, but exactly how these alter established patterns in individuals has not been determined. Among the specific questions that have arisen are the effect of second marriage on high EMS among the divorced; whether the EMS rates of couples living together are lower than the average married couple's due to the length of the relationship or to the absence of a legal bond; and whether the current high EMS...

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