Implementing young ideas: marketing associates feels the value of fusion.

Author:Crabtree, Amanda

After attending the young professional's track of the Mackinac Policy Conference this year, Jenn Sanborn of Marketing Associates was compelled to join Fusion Detroit, the Chamber's young professional's organization, in order to be an advocate for the city of Detroit.


"I was completely blown away by the passion the other people at the conference had for Detroit," Sanborn said of the conference, "It was eye opening for so many things I was blind to." A big conflict with the city of Detroit is the fact many people who work here, don't live here. From 9 to 5, Detroit is the place to be, but after 5 p.m. the commuters head back into suburbia. Sanborn and the other participants in the conference have become active in fixing this problem by motivating other young professionals to stay in the D after hours.

How her company benefited

While Sanborn is able to grow professionally as a result of participation in Fusion--she noted that the conference provided her an opportunity to build an extensive social and business network--her company is also able to benefit. The Fusion track at the Mackinac Policy Conference partially focused on regional cooperation and talent retention. "Along with Marketing Associates' Executive Team," Sanborn noted, "we are working to foster an environment at Marketing Associates that is attractive to young professionals. With the aid of After, Inside Detroit and the Parade Company. Marketing Associates is advocating to connect our young professionals to events and opportunities to reach out in the community. We hope to continue to drive membership into Fusion and continue to establish Marketing Associates' place in the downtown community and among young professionals."

Marketing Associates' CEO Mark Petroff said, "One of Marketing Associates' goals in moving to Detroit centered on our engagement with the community through both business and social activities. Jenn's involvement with Fusion is a perfect...

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