Imanis Data, has done a major upgrade to the Imanis Data Management Platform, continuing the company's momentum since raising $13.5 million Series B funding earlier this year. The new Version 4.0 includes multiple industry firsts including autonomous backup, any-point-in-time recovery for multiple NoSQL databases, enhanced ransomware prevention, as well as numerous Imanis Data management enhancements.

Hadoop and NoSQL applications are running in virtually every enterprise on-premises and in the cloud, but they lack enterprise data management capabilities, exposing organizations to data loss, downtime, and cyberattacks.

According to our research, 78% of organizations currently use NoSQL databases and an additional 18% plan to in the future, said Christophe Bertrand, senior analyst for data protection, at ESG Research. The data protection market in this space is underserved by traditional vendors and Imanis Data with their unique machine learning approach is setting the bar for Hadoop and NoSQL enterprise data management.

Imanis Data Management Platform (IDMP) Version 4.0 builds on the company's technology leadership with multiple industry firsts, including:

- Imanis Data SmartPoliciesTM delivers industry-first autonomous, machine learning-powered backup.

- Imanis Data ThreatSenseTM Intelligence Augmentation integrates human feedback with machine learning- powered anomaly detection for applications including ransomware prevention.

- Automated Any-Point-In-Time Recovery (APITR) for NoSQL delivers complete recovery flexibility.

- Enhanced enterprise capabilities expand the Imanis Data database ecosystem leadership and further simplify the user experience.

On-premises and cloud-based Hadoop and NoSQL deployments are proliferating rapidly across enterprises everywhere, but innovation around enterprise data management tools has not kept pace, creating a huge challenge, said John Mracek, CEO, Imanis Data. Our unique machine learning- based approach to data management provides enterprise customers with the data protection, data orchestration, and automation solutions they need to address their governance, remediation, and compliance requirements.

With this release, Imanis Data is the first company to introduce autonomous backup powered by machine learning. With Imanis Data SmartPoliciesTM, enterprise customers no longer need to worry about how to meet required recovery point objectives (RPOs), for example, when to run backups or how frequently...

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