IMA CELEBRATES '100 YEARS AND COUNTING': A record number of attendees from around the world came together in San Diego for professional development, insightful speakers, and special anniversary events.

Author:Michaels, Margaret

Marking its 100-Year Anniversary, IMA[R] (Institute of Management Accountants) held its Annual Conference & Expo (ACE2019) July 1619, 2019, at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina in San Diego, Calif. More than 1,000 IMA members and individuals gathered from around the world to take part in educational sessions, networking, and--most importantly--celebrating IMA's "100 Years and Counting."

At the Annual Meeting of Members, which opened the Conference, Ginger White, IMA Chair for 2018-2019, welcomed special guests and acknowledged all the hard work of the 100-Year Anniversary Committee (comprised of Kim Wallin, Bud Kulesza, John Pollara, Priscilla Payne, Sue Bos, Marc Palker, and Bob Krogh) and the Annual Conference & Expo Program Committee. She shared her experiences traveling this year to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE; Mumbai and Bangalore, India; and Jordan, where management accounting is growing.

White talked about the Women's Accounting Leadership Series events in Jordan and India that she attended, as well as the young professionals she met at the Global Board of Directors meeting in October 2018 in San Antonio, Texas, and the Student Leadership Experience at the Board meeting in Orlando, Fla., in February 2019.

Jeff Thomson, IMA's president and CEO, elaborated on the strong financial health of IMA, which will enable the organization to continue fulfilling its mission of nurturing the next generation of leaders. In fiscal year 2019, more than 100,000 CMA[R] (Certified Management Accountant) exams were registered, and the total number of CMA candidates exceeded 80,000. IMA has awarded 10,000 CMAs so far this year and counts more than 70,000 CMAs since the inception of the program. IMA members grew by 20% year over year, reaching 138,000 with expectations of surpassing 140,000 by fiscal year-end.

Thomson emphasized that the success of IMA translates directly into the organization's ability to reinvest in products and services that are meaningful to members. He stressed the importance of education in a knowledge economy and noted that IMA offers a host of ways to learn the competencies required in the Digital Age.

Ginger White conferred the Presidential Badge to Christian Cuzick, IMA Chair for 2019-2020, who shared his vision for leading IMA in its 100th year with a focus on serving members and spreading the word about the benefits of the CMA certification to corporate entities and individuals.

"IMA has been the thought leader I turn to for...

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