ILS adds complete inline digital production line.

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Innovative Labeling Solutions (ILS) has announced what it says is the world's first complete inline digital print production line. The inline configuration is the next step in increasing the company's ability to meet the needs of the evolving consumer packaged goods market.

"ILS has a reputation for being progressive in regard to digital print production with the HP Indigo presses, and we were excited to be a part of the beta test of the In line Priming unit (ILP) for the WS6000 to see what it would do to improve operational and economic efficiencies ..." says Brian Smallwood, ILS general manager.

In March, the company marked the one-year anniversary of the Delta Spectrum II finishing system (being installed) inline with one of the three WS6OOO's located in its facility in Hamilton, OH. "So February was the perfect time for us to begin the beta testing of the ILP unit in advance of the commercial launch of the hardware in April," adds Smallwood.

"The decision to invest in the Delta Spectrum II, which offers complete flexibility because of its modular station design, as well as placing it in tandem with the press was a strategic one/' says Smallwood, "And a direct result of the value proposition we have been delivering to the marketplace for the better part of four years now."

Eric Knop, iLS director development, shares, "As our clients have begun to grasp the total product life cycle benefit of a digital solution, we have seen our run lengths get longer and ionger because they are converting complete product lines to digital"

"Many of our print runs are far above industry average, or what is commonly referred to as the "crossover" point of 15,000 ft. In fact, we run jobs from 70,000 ft. to more than 450,000 ft.," Knop adds. "Brands are starting to leverage the full benefit of the technology, including the highest quality graphic reproduction because of the offset-like...

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